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To John Key from Les H 24 April 2010

Hi John
I have just read your newsletter and I am some-what surprised by your continuing promotion of the concept of man made climate change, as evidenced by your comments pasted below:

National believes New Zealand must do its fair share to reduce carbon emissions. That's why the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is going ahead.

The ETS balances our economic opportunities with our environmental responsibilities.

The Government is continuing to monitor international developments. Next year we'll have a formal review of the ETS.

With all due respect, I along with a majority of thinking people in NZ (and now,the world) must ask why?

Letter to the Marlborough Express from Geoff Evans, President, Marlborough Federated Farmers

Dear Editor ,

        On  July 1st  the launch of the Emissions Trading Scheme (or tax) will take place.
MP  Colin King and  Agriculture Minister, David Carter, are holding a public meeting at Meadowbank Station to discuss this legislation on Thursday,  April 22nd at 3.15 pm
 Every body who can should attend.
 Some suggested questions to ask include:
How will this tax impact on people with  low and fixed incomes.?
 How are we all to pay the 5% increase in electricity charges and the 4cents / litre rise in fuel charges- not to mention the increase in inflation generated by these taxes?
 What will be the impact on the very fragile NZ economy?

To Peter Goodfellow (National Party President) by Neil H 9 April 2010


Dear Sir
I will be upfront. I am not a National party member. However I voted National at the last election to get rid of the Labour Government and also to stop having us lead the world in matters of climate change. I am bitterly disappointed with the performance of National in this latter matter, and informed my MP Hon. Anne Tolley she lost my vote at the next election when they rushed through their amendments to the ETS in such indecent haste.
Among the items in my submission to the Select Committee hearing submissions on the amended legislation I said:

To Bill English, Peter Dunne and Shane Ardern from Maureen C 8 April 2010

Good afternoon

The following appeared in the NZ Herald on 5 September 2003.  This protest was applauded by farmers and other New Zealanders alike.    Have you considered a similar protest against the ETS which will seriously impact on our farmers and their profitability as well as households the length and breadth of New Zealand.

Obviously a protest would not be possible under the present regime.

Maureen C



To Peter Goodfellow (National Party President) by Maureen C 8 April 2010

Good afternoon Mr Goodfellow
On 23 November 2009 we wrote to you with our concerns with the direction of the National Party is taking, even though we are not financial members.
We did not receive even an acknowledgement from you which is surprising although this is becoming par for the course with National Party members.  Over the months we have corresponded with a variety of MPs, admittedly mainly on the subject of climate change, and rarely receive an acknowledgement let alone a reply.   We are becoming more and more disillusioned with our Prime Minister who is in grave danger of following the track of the unpopular former PM who put her ambitions for herself before ambitions for her country and its people.

To John Key from Neil H 7 April 2010

 Dear Prime Minister

You are so slow to wake up!! Today you are quoted in the NZ Herald as saying “Despite concerns from businesses the [ETS] introduction was likely to go ahead in July”.
At least you have the word ‘likely’ in there, suggesting there is still hope your senses may return before it is too late!!
I questioned you at a meeting in Gisborne in July 2009 about the ETS, and was assured you would not harm the economy. You answer was much too smooth and slick to convince me of anything other than the fact that you  were not someone I would trust. Events have done nothing to make me reassess that view.
You rushed your ETS amendments through under urgency so you could brag at Copenhagen even though we knew Copenhagen would produce nothing and that no one else would have an ETS as far reaching as ours, thus violating your election promise we would not be a world leader.

To John Key from Gareth W 15 March 2010

Good Afternoon, Mr Prime Minister,


To All Politicians and the Listener from Phil H 16 March 2010

Dear Editor,
NIWA's Principle Climate Scientist Brett Mullan claims that all the IPCC's computer models agree on a large number of basic aspects of climate change.  (20 March "letters"). 
The facts are as follows. There has always been an enormous variation of predictions about the earth's rising temperature, from these models. The IPCC has tended to use averages, and provide a range of possible scenarios. Over the 20 years so far that these models have been operating, even the "lowest" prediction has been too high, and the other models predictions have ranged upwards from there.
And they assure us that what they are telling us now about climate 100 years hence, will be right? It is now far too late for the IPCC's media cheerleaders to preserve any of their own credibility, let alone protect that of the IPCC. It is also time for NIWA and other scientific organisations to get their houses in order, considering the inevitable repercussions once proper commissions of inquiry have been held.

To Nick Smith from Ken S 1 April 2010

Dr Nick Smith
Minister of Environment and Climate Change issues
Hello Dr Smith
This data is from the prominent NZ Climate scientist who was refused entry to your meeting with Rodney Hide. (by whom?)
The Key government needs to do better than that - much better - the people expect due dilligence on the science and will start demanding it.
Any effort to prevent a robust debate on the science and economics will result in a loss of public support for National.
Ken S


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