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Barry Brill's Open Letter to Professor Gluckman

Barry Brill's Open Letter to Professor Sir Peter Gluckman
Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser

Dear Sir Peter

In your address at NIWA on 22 April, you worried that controversies in the field of climate change may be changing the way the public perceives science and scientists.

You were critical of those in the profession who “do not get beyond their biases, or are careless or fraudulent”, and identified the solution as greater transparency – “the scientific enterprise is built on publication, repetition, peer review and the inherent scepticism and questioning of scientists.”


Knowledge and our future- letter from Phil H to news24sevenTV

Dear Editor Ian,
Excuse this long missive. I haven't written for a while, and these issues have been simmering away in my mind.
I like Richard Prosser's blunt approach to fixing our broke country. But he has unusual ideas about the effectiveness of market protection for industry. Last time we had such a system of protection, the NZ consumer paid from twice to hundreds of times as much, for products 10 years or more out of date, compared to in countries with populations that enabled economies of scale. Richard Prosser is right that we cannot just transplant the Hong Kong Mass Transit System onto NZ, because we do not have the population to make it pay; but neither can we transplant Samsung Electronics.
THE "must-read" on this subject, is "From Wool to Weta" by Prof. Paul Callaghan, a Vic Uni nuclear physicist whose views on our anti-nuke laws, would be very agreeable to Richard Prosser. Richard Prosser and Paul Callaghan agree completely on the point that bulk commodities, unprocessed goods, and tourism, are no way to wealth. But you do not get Samsung Electronics by providing its founders with a protected market of 4 million people. What you need are conditions in which smart new internationally competitive businesses can start up and thrive.

To David Carter from David D- at Marlborough ETS meeting 22nd April 2010


You are a FARMER like US and you know that we are on OUR KNEES and only get 1% return on our assets
You know we only get only 6.5c in every $ we turnover
You know we should be helping Chile, Haiti, and now China after the earthquakes and huge loss of life which is REAL instead of taxing the engine room of this country after removing all our subsidies to the welfare state
You know the Australian and American governments cherish their farmers and do not treat them like a ragdoll and take our vote for granted
You know that the earth in past history has heated up many times and that CO2 has more than doubled and caused by meteorites, gamma rays and volcanoes and not by animals.
You know that India has 200million cattle against our 5 million and is not taking any part in any global alliance.

To the National Caucus from Barry Brill (Chairman, NZCSC) 27 April 2010

Dear Nikki

Will Shakespeare said:

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat.
And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures."

The tide of anthropogenic global warming is ebbing - fast. The ETS tax was rushed through in December when the tide was still flowing. Only days later, at Copenhagen, it turned.

Now people began to hear the criticisms. Climategate and doctored figures..the many flaws in the IPCC.. no warming this century.. missing heat and data.. money scams and carbon frauds.. NIWAgate in NZ.


To John Key from Alan Nic.... April 2010

I'd like to add my voice to those calling on the ETS to be scrapped or at 
least deferred until Australia makes a decision to go ahead.

Please don't refer me to Nick Smith for any sensible response as I believe he 
is either too arrogant or proud to admit his mistake and backtrack on this 
stupid piece of legislation

It is my view that the scheme is flawed and for New Zealand to AGAIN be a 
leader in expensive unproven projects smacks of the old Labour Government 


Rodney Hide Open Letter to John Key 29 April 2010

To view the Honourable Rodney Hide's letter to the Prime Minister John Key:

 please click here.


To John Key from David D 28 April 2010

Prime Minister,
> I am at a loss why you are so paranoid on leading the world with this
> insidious tax on the people that have elected you in this LITTLE country.
> This tax  will be a millstone around the necks of this and every
> generation that follows and there by a gross infringement of our private
> property rights and freedom .
> The National Party is putting its honesty sincerity and integrity on the
> line with this approach to the economy and its membership.


Neil Henderson to Gisborne Herald re Barry Coates of Oxfam


I attended the meeting addressed by Mr. Barry Coates of Oxfam on 23 April. I consider that many points made by him were incorrect. I will comment on two of these.
He claimed the IPCC reports are robust peer reviewed documents. A report has just been released by “Citizens Audit Project” that has checked every paper quoted in the forty-four chapters of the IPCC’s fourth report. One chapter has only 15% of its papers peer reviewed. Twelve of these chapters have less than fifty percent of their papers peer reviewed. Another eighteen chapters have less than 75 percent of the papers peer reviewed.

To John Key, Nick Smith, Chris Tremain from Maureen and Dennis C 27 April 2010

Good morning
Given the announcement that the Australian Government will defer the ETS for three years, (even though the reason is because of an upcoming Election and things are hotting up),can we expect a similar announcement by the New Zealand Government or do we intend to continue 'leading the world' and putting added financial pressure on the citizens of New Zealand and rather than 'catching up with Australia' continuing to fall behind.
Maureen and Dennis
Reply from Chris Tremain:
Tuesday April 27, 2010
Maureen and Dennis,
We will be continuing with the ETS scheme.
Just a few points:
It is half the cost of Labours scheme for consumers which had already been legislated.
It is 25% of the cost of Labours scheme for farmers which had already been legislated.
Farmers don't come into the scheme unttil 2015


Open Letter from Dr Vincent Gray to Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor

Dear Professor Gluckman
I have been reading your letter to Dr. Doug Edmeades commenting on his presentation regarding climate science and I wonder whether you would be prepared to read my comments on your comments.
I should begin by introducing myself.
I would claim a distinguished and eventful scientific career.
I was a Major scholar at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, the holder of a First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry, an MA,  and a PhD in Chemistry, all rather long ago.
I decided against an academic career and have instead held senior research positions in a large number of industrial research organizations, some private, some public and some both, in a wide variety of topics, in the UK, France, Canada, New Zealand and China. I worked in two universities in China.
I came to New Zealand in 1970 as the first Director of the Building Research Association and I had a subsequent career in the DSIR Forensic Division and in the Coal Research Association.
I have published many scientific papers, including, recently, in climate science. My book "The Global Warming Delusion" is still in print. I made submissions to all three Select Committees on the Emissions Trading Bill,



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