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To Nick Smith from Alan N 27 June 2010

The madness of the Government’s new carbon tax is that New Zealanders will be the only people in the world paying it. It will drive up the costs of living and undermine the competitiveness of New Zealand business for negligible environmental gain. A further concern is its impact on inflation, interest rates and the exchange rate. It will add to the costs of fuel and power and these flow right through the economy to basics like food. This puts pressure on inflation, which in turn drives up interest rates and the kiwi dollar. The Government’s carbon tax is a classic example of the way the Government is making things tougher for the productive exporting sector. The worst aspect of the carbon tax is that it will not make one iota of difference to New Zealand’s emissions. Nick Smith 2005
Nick Smith your words come back to haunt you. The costs you opposed in 2005 as a tax will become far greater under your so called ETS, as it becomes open to abuse from unscrupulous traders.

From Nick Smith to Wayne M June 2010

To read Nick Smith's letter outlining the reasons for the National Party's current stance on the ETS, click here.


To John Key from Bruce B 25 June 2010

If you put the ETS into law I will not vote for you or your party."

Bruce B


To Chris Auchinvole from Mary M 24 June 2010

Dear Chris,
                I watched the ETS questions on TV this afternon. Nick Smith comes up with the same old out-dated replies.It would appear that he does not have time to keep up with the rapid pace of the scientific discoveries that are being reported almost daily in regard to the whole range of climate change issues.
Today there is a report of new research in NZ that finds that some soils can possibly sequester more carbon than forests!
As for keeping up with the other 29 countries with an ETS, they are all in Europe and except for Germany are in dire financial straits.
The EU ETS has been in since 2004 and only targets industrial and manufacturing sectors.
Maybe we don't have enough manufacturing left in NZ as so much has already gone offshore.
Even that rogue George Soros, predicts that 'Europe faces recession and years of stagnation.' (The Press 17 June 2010)

To all National MPs from Mary M 23 June 2010

Dear ......,
                    I am deeply concerned that your Government is still prepared to implement the Emissions Trading Scheme on 1 July.
I have been following the Climate Change/ AGW debate very closely since September 2009.
 I have read a wide range of views on the internet, attended Climate Change talks given by scientists from Canterbury University and a talk by one of our Youth delegates on her return from Copenhagen. I have read both James Lovelock and Ian Wishart.  I have heard that both John Key and Nick Smith are not brave enough to read Ian Wishart's 'Air Con' - there is a 2010 edition out now.  Jim Anderton nearly had a coronary when I mentioned Ian Wishart's name!
I have found no evidence to convince me that Carbon dioxide is the 'enemy' of planet earth. In fact reducing it could be detrimental to food production.
As for man limiting global warming to 2 degrees - ludicrous!

To John Key from Philip H 25 June 2010

Dear PM,

I have made my views on Climate Change and your ETS known to you and your colleagues several times before.

I am deeply saddened by your administration; I had really expected change for the better when you succeeded that ghastly regime that preceded you.

I am sickened by the perversely successful efforts of "experts" and elites, over and over again, to dictate the future of humanity, appealing to their own authority in ways akin to that of theocracies in the dark ages. Any reasonably intelligent person doing a modicum of research into the current cause celebre, can tell that these people are charlatans; and furthermore, that the honest pursuit of science has had to be suppressed by the politicians and bureaucrats.


To John Key and others from Alan N 25 June 2010

I am disappointed that the National Government still appears to be going ahead with its ill thought out ETS.

Nick Smith has continually argued that ACT is using misleading information to stir up opposition to the ETS. If anyone can be accused of misleading the public it is Nick Smith who may yet go down in history as being the one single individual that cost National the next election.

I challenge you to prove these following figures false or misleading:

Ranking Country            Has ETS


To Nick Smith from Paul T

Hello Nick,

I have read on your web site the following : --

"The Nelson and Marlborough economies are struggling. The last thing we
need is another $25 million being sucked out with this new tax. If you
would like to assist the ‘axecarbontax’ petition and campaign, contact
my office. We need to bury this lemon."

However when I click on the link to axecarbontax I do not find anything
there. I really want to help to axe all and any carbon taxes because not
only can we not afford them but they have been proven to be fraudulently
based on pseudo-science, merely to create a panic and allow taxes and a
world-wide bureaucracy to be set up to control the world. I think that
it is unconscionable for the present Government to proceed with this
scam while the rest of the world laughs up their sleeve at our stupidity.


To Nick Smith and Bill English from Ken S 9 June 2010

Honorable Bill English & Honorable Nick Smith
Sirs, It is a joke for this government which has turned it back on, and shunned, New Zealand's best climate scientists - to now proclaim a new science department as the salvation for our economy. Science must be allowed to operate freely, unfettered by the popular opinions and fads of the day, something that this government has shown it clearly does not understand !
It appears certain to many of us that the position of Science Advisor to the Prime Minister has been created by this government to validate a predetermined policy on emissions trading. Science has been thrown out the window and been replaced with window dressing. It is time to dismiss the Science Advisor, now that he has placed himself in a position where you can blame him for what you now know - is an increasingly unpopular and scientifically unjustified policy !
Former National Supporter
Ken S

To Nick Smith from Jim M 9 June 2010

I cannot believe your effrontery!! How can you stand up on TV, as you did on Sunday last, and tell the people of New Zealand untruths the way you did.
Quote "if we do not proceed with our ETS we will fall behind the rest of the World!" unquote.
We are the only country in the World with an ETS!!!
I have just returned from a 6 week visit to Germany where I looked very closely at what they are doing and spoke with INTELLIGENT local people, engineers, scientists etc, about the question of man made global warming. To a man they rubbished the idea. They were all fully aware that the whole thing is a scam engineered by politicians.
You are claiming that there are 29 European countries with ETS' That is also completely untue. What are you trying to do?????
Have no illusions Nick, when the people of NZ finally wake up to tha scam you are trying to pull over their eyes is in fact scam, you will be gone before lunch never to return unless you join the Green (watermelon) Party where you clearly belong.
Back off  before it is too late!!
Jim M


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