To Nick Smith from Jim M 9 June 2010

I cannot believe your effrontery!! How can you stand up on TV, as you did on Sunday last, and tell the people of New Zealand untruths the way you did.
Quote "if we do not proceed with our ETS we will fall behind the rest of the World!" unquote.
We are the only country in the World with an ETS!!!
I have just returned from a 6 week visit to Germany where I looked very closely at what they are doing and spoke with INTELLIGENT local people, engineers, scientists etc, about the question of man made global warming. To a man they rubbished the idea. They were all fully aware that the whole thing is a scam engineered by politicians.
You are claiming that there are 29 European countries with ETS' That is also completely untue. What are you trying to do?????
Have no illusions Nick, when the people of NZ finally wake up to tha scam you are trying to pull over their eyes is in fact scam, you will be gone before lunch never to return unless you join the Green (watermelon) Party where you clearly belong.
Back off  before it is too late!!
Jim M