About us

We are sheep and beef farmers farming off the East Coast of the North Island of NZ.

We believe in the necessity of farming sustainably and making wise use of finite resources.

We believe in protecting the environment.

But.....     we also believe all decisions should be based on scientific fact, not mere conjecture.

When the Kyoto agreement was signed we believed what we heard, and were global warming believers. But with the announcement of the ‘fart tax’ our suspicions were roused.

Since then we have done extensive research on both sides of the argument.

We have to conclude that if any global warming is being caused by man, the net effect is very small, and will not have any harmful effect on the planet.


So we formed the Climate Realists' Network. New members are welcome.


Regarding Climate Change, our position is that:
  • The climate has changed in the past, as can be seen from both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age in recent climate history.
  • It is perfectly reasonable to believe there will be continuing fluctuations in the climate.
  • The sensible approach in the face of a changing climate is to adapt our technologies and practices to suit rather than attempting to change the impossible.
Regarding New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme, our position is that:
  • we believe mankind's activities have a minimal effect on the world's climate.
  • the cost of an ETS is unsustainable in the long term.
  • the introduction of an ETS in New Zealand may attempt to make us look good to our export markets but it will have no effect whatsoever on the climate.
“There is no scientific answer to this question of what our target should be.
For New Zealand is a small emitter by world standards –
only emitting some 0.2% of global greenhouse gases.
So anything we do as a nation will in itself have little impact on the climate
– our impact will be symbolic, moral and political.”
The Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman



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