Submission to the Select Committee (430KB PDF)

Framework Convention on Climate Change (Draft Treaty) (2MB PDF)

Overview of the Copenhagen scam (412KB PDF)

Climategate Analysis by John P Costella (929KB PDF)  Click here for updated version (Word)

by Joseph D'Aleo and Anthony Watts
A paper collated by Richard Treadgold, of the Climate Conversation Group, from a combined research project undertaken by members of the Climate Conversation Group and the NZ Climate Science Coalition.
by C.R. de Freitas
by Joseph E Postma
by Dr Wilson Flood (UK)
Reprinted from Energy and the Environment Volume 22 No.3 2011
Slideshow from a presentation to Sydney Legacy
by Philip R Wood
Vice President,
The Lavoisier Group
Thriving with nature and humanity by Malcolm Roberts
Download here (1.6MB PDF)


Copenhagen Accord (3.2MB PDF)


An Independent Analysis of Global Warming by Dr Heinz Lycklama
(Updated April 13, 2010)
Open Systems Technology Associates
Arlington, WA
 Download here (161KB PDF)
Burt Rutan on Climate Change

This report includes many all-new data presentations and focuses on presenting climate data to Inform, rather than to scare. - An engineering critique of the activist climate scientists and their process of data gathering, processing and presentation. It also has sections on climate adaptation and scientific consensus. No author approvals are required for distribution, please feel free to copy or distribute any part of this report.

Download here (3MB PDF)



University of Pennsylvania Law School
    Research Paper: Global Warming Advocacy Science: a Cross Examination
     by Jason Scott Johnston     May 2010
    Download here (412KB)


Dissent over Man-made Global Warming Claims-
Scientists Continue to Debunk Fading "Consensus" in 2008 & 2009 & 2010
Climate Depot report: Download here             (   
(2.65MB PDF)  
The Methane Misconceptions- a paper by Dr Wilson Flood
A doubling of the amount of methane in the atmosphere with its present composition would produce a warming equal to only about one thirtieth of the warming produced by a doubling of carbon dioxide.


Terms of Reference for the 2011 review under S.160 of the ETS legislation.  
Download here (57.1KB)


 "Spinning the Climate" by Vincent Gray   
 Dr Vincent Gray has updated his revealing history of how the hoax of "dangerous anthropogenic global warming" was foisted on an unsuspecting world and a credulous mainstream news media.  An 80-year-old plus scientist, Dr Gray has been an expert reviewer of all UN IPCC Assessment Reports (including AR5 due later this year) and has recorded in detail the motives and modi operandi of those responsible for the greatest scaremongering campaign the world has known.


"El Nino and La Nina" by Tim Ball    
Download here            


"Rescue from the Climate Saviours- is the Global Climate really in Danger?"     by Klaus Ermecke
Download here                    


"A Multi-Disciplinary, Science-Based Approach to the Economics of Climate Change"  by Alan Carlin
Download here                 


"The Skeptic's Case" -who are you going to believe -- The Government Climate Scientists or The Data?   by Dr David M. W. Evans, 3 Feb 2012


"Climate Coup" by Dr David Evans


The Polarising Impact of Science Literacy and Numeracy on perceived Climate Change Risks  from 'Nature'


"Be Skeptical of Skeptic's Skepticism of Skeptics"   by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley


The Global Warming Policy Foundation report 5
"The BBC and Climate Change: a triple betrayal"  by Christopher Booker


"Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Climate Change"  by John G Gahan FGS
"Solar Influence on Global temperature"
Science and Public Policy Institute &CO2 Science original paper  April17, 2013
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