Climate Realists Newsletter number 13 2013

Newsletter number 13 2013


Gisborne Herald refuses Climate Sceptics any more space to express their views

Warsaw Climate Talks

Very interesting reflections from Pointman

Bryan Leyland answers Prof Ralph Sims

Our children are being brainwashed

Matt Ridley's piece on NZCPR

More on IPCC AR5

Climate Matters

'Taxing Air' by Bob Carter

Newsletter number 12 2013

Newsletter number 12  2013


Commentary on IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Environmentalists' exaggerations

Matt Ridley: Global lukewarming need not be catastrophic

A Changing Climate- The Spectator

Climate Sensitivity

Sea Level Rise- a challenge from Bryce Wilkinson

Generation Zero's local election hopes

That Victoria University survey

Ice Caps- now it's global COOLING

Looking after-the planet?

Newsletter number 11 2013

Newsletter number 11 2013


IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: Due out Friday

NIPCC Report

Australia and Climate Change

Marshall Islands sinking

Climate Change- hoax, or crime of the century?

From Quadrant online

Ice increase riles global warmers

The Australian Press- waking up at last?

Renewable Energy

Climate Change survey

Links from Sonya

Newsletter number 10 2013

Newsletter number 10 2013


The 50 to 1 project: The true cost of 'action' on climate change

Christchurch update

Quadrant Online- If warmists would only tell the truth

A devastating reply to leftist sociologists who think skepticism is 'misinformation'

Parasitic Power Producers

Global warming expedition foiled by ice

Protecting the environment

Links from Phil H

Richard Lindzen

Newsletter number 9 2013

Newsletter number 9 2013

Table of Contents
New Zealand’s changing climate and oceans
Reports from Generation Zero meetings
How little we know about the weather
From GWPF: Europe pulls the plug on its green future
The latest newsletter from Carbon Sense
Links from Sonya
From the ‘Good Grief’ Department
The competing world Views of Environmentalism and Christianity
If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO 2 generators to double plant growth?
Sea Levels
‘Do the Math’ on Climate Change
Christchurch Protest reports, extra links
30 months to save the world
Weather forecasting


Newsletter number 8 2013

Newsletter number 8  2013

Generation Zero
Agenda 21
John Maunder's Future Climate
Wind Farms
BBC interview of Ed Davey
Ten Years “Accelerated Global Warming”?
Politicized Science leads to Impoverishment
Carbon Sense
Links from Sonya:
Oil Discovery

Newsletter number 7 2013

Newsletter number 7  2013

President Obama’s Climate Concerns
From Trevor Louden’s blog
Tony Elliott’s view
David Kear- Global Warming alias Climate Change- the non-existent, 
terribly expensive threat to us all
Organised Crime
Bird Chopping 
Climate Change and Economics:
It’s not Carbon Dioxide after all
Pastural Farming Climate Research
Religion and Global warming: 
Life without Fossil Fuels
Spanish downturn a disaster for green energy
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