Emissions Targets foreshadow a Depression

Climate Boffins Target Depression

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25 March 2014

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Engineering the Emissions Target Depression.

The Climate Change Authority wants Australians to cut their production of carbon dioxide to 19% below 2000 levels by the year 2020.

The climate boffins should employ a demographer before they set such unrealistic goals.

The population of Australia in 2000 was about 19 million and it is now 23 million. By 2020 it will probably be over 25 million.

If Australia’s production of carbon dioxide was merely frozen at the 2000 level, that would require a 24% reduction per head of population by 2020.

If we add to that a real reduction in total emissions of 19% by 2020, emissions per capita would need to fall by 39% in just 6 years.

Even more unbelievable, China (supported by the UN/IPCC) thinks that developed countries “need to cut emissions by 40% from their 1990 levels by 2020”. This would require Australia’s per capita emissions to fall by 60% to just 40% of their 1990 levels. All achieved within the next six years.

Nothing real gets produced or done without generating carbon dioxide. Every working car, truck, tractor, dozer, quad bike, boat, helicopter, bulk carrier and aeroplane generates carbon dioxide. None of these will be powered by wind-mills, sunbeams or nuclear power in the next six years. How will they force us to use 39% less of them – carbon ration cards?

Making steel, bricks, cement, bitumen, minerals, metals, food, fertilisers and roads produces carbon dioxide - shall we each use just 61% of what we did in 2000?

Humans, cattle, sheep, pigs, barbeques, champagne and beer also emit carbon dioxide – shall we ration these too?

And Australian trains, lifts, supermarkets, operating theatres, refineries and power stations will not keep working 24/7 without base-load electricity from coal and gas, both generating carbon dioxide. Who is volunteering for living solely with Green Energy - brown-outs, blackouts or irregular “Earth Hours” for about four months of the year?

There is one way to achieve these goals – “The Tasmanian Solution”. Send 40% of our remaining industry to Asia, and convert Australia into a quiet green utopia of genteel poverty. This should create sufficient unemployment and reduced consumption to achieve the required emissions austerity.

Is the Climate Change Authority engineering an emissions target depression to achieve its savage cuts, or is this just another mindless model-driven target? We should demand to see their detailed plans for achieving these targets.

Carbon dioxide is hugely beneficial for all plant life, and its effect on global temperature is tiny and probably beneficial for most people. There is no evidence that carbon dioxide causes extreme weather. Man-made Climate Policy is a far greater and more certain danger than Man-made Climate Change.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the tide has turned in the war on carbon. Global warming stopped seventeen years ago; the carbon price collapsed a year ago; the EU is backpedalling on its disastrous green energy gamble; Russia, China, India, Japan, Canada, USA, Brazil and South Africa will not sign any binding Kyoto agreement; China has plans to build 160 new coal fired power stations in the next four years; and Tim Flannery has been sacked.

Calculations for those who wish to check:

Climate Change Authority Targets:


Population (Million)

Emissions Total

Emissions per head

Index emissions per head



100 (say)







76 (24% reduction)



81 (19% reduction)


61 (39% reduction)

China/UN IPCC Targets:


Population (Million)

Emissions Total

Emissions per head

Index emissions per head



100 (say)





60 (40% reduction)


41 (59% reduction)


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Modern Magic - Clean Energy by Wire

A month ago an arsonist lit a bush-fire that spread into the Morwell open cut coal mine in Victoria. Residents of the nearby town lived for weeks in choking polluted air.

This fire is a clear demonstration of what causes most air pollution – the open-air combustion of complex carbon-bearing products such as coal, oil, grass, sugar cane, cow dung, trees, wood, paper, urban rubbish, plastic bags, rubber tyres or dead bodies.

Asian smogs have a few special features – yellow dust from the massive Gobi Desert, fine ash and toxic fumes from dozens of volcanoes in Indonesia, funeral pyres along the Ganges, smoky mosquito fires and forest-clearing fires, millions of wood and dung cooking fires, hundreds of out-of-control coal-seam fires in China and India, and obsolete “back-yard” boilers and furnaces from the Mao era. In large Asian cities, pollution is multiplied by unburnt fuel and particulates spewing from old engines in millions of cars, trucks and motorbikes that clog the roads.

The fumes from open fires and dirty engines often contain soot, fine ash, unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of sulphur and nitrogen. This is the pollution everyone can see, smell and taste. Notice that NONE of this real pollution is caused by invisible, life supporting, non-toxic carbon dioxide which, along with nitrogen and water vapour, are the main exhaust gases from well-designed boilers burning clean coal in modern power stations with the latest pollution controls.

The western world has gone through its “soot and smog” phase of development. Places like London (“the Big Smoke”) and Pittsburgh (“Steel City”) solved their pea soups many decades ago by outlawing the burning of dirty coal in open fires and stoves, by cleaning up industrial smelters and by providing urban heat, light and energy using piped coal gas and modern magic - pollution-free electricity from distant coal-fired power stations with modern pollution controls.

“Clean coal by Wire” using clean washed coal in modern out-of-town power stations will work the same magic in Asian cities today.

Disclosure: Viv Forbes is a non-executive director and shareholder in a small Australian coal exploration company, but these opinions were held and stated long before that association. This does not alter the truth about the causes of real air pollution.

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A riveting video by John Coleman, a veteran meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel

How it all began with a great scientist, Roger Revelle, and his adoring student Al Gore. And how Revelle recanted later, but Al Gore missed the turn and kept forging on ever deeper into the vast ocean of ignorance:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyUDGfCNC-k

But if we had some Global Warming, things would be better – a bit of fun:

The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science –A new book by Dr Tim Ball

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The Ship of Fools
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The Sixth Winter
(have we backed the wrong horse?)

Way back in the 1980’s I read a science fiction novel called “The Sixth Winter”. It was something like an IPCC science fiction report but far more credible and readable. One of the authors was Dr John Gribbin, an astro-physicist who contributed to a Cambridge University Study “Climate Change”.

It includes this ominous passage (p23):

“Should such a pattern of jet stream zigzag and “blocking high” conditions recur over five or six reasonably closely-spaced winters, with summer sunshine insufficient to melt all the snow from each preceding winter, this may quite rapidly build snow cover over the north-eastern part of North America beyond the point of no return.”

Snow cover may similarly build over northern USSR possibly triggering an Ice Age.

In February 2014, Dr Gerrit J van der Lingen published a paper entitled “Global Cooling” in which he notes “the Northern Hemisphere has experienced five severe winters in a row with record snowfalls and low temperatures”.

Have a look at what North America is experiencing now:

Maybe the western world has gambled our future on a tiring nag called “Global Warming” whereas we should have placed some insurance money on the strong new galloper called “Global Cooling”.

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