To John Key from Philip H 25 June 2010

Dear PM,

I have made my views on Climate Change and your ETS known to you and your colleagues several times before.

I am deeply saddened by your administration; I had really expected change for the better when you succeeded that ghastly regime that preceded you.

I am sickened by the perversely successful efforts of "experts" and elites, over and over again, to dictate the future of humanity, appealing to their own authority in ways akin to that of theocracies in the dark ages. Any reasonably intelligent person doing a modicum of research into the current cause celebre, can tell that these people are charlatans; and furthermore, that the honest pursuit of science has had to be suppressed by the politicians and bureaucrats.

I did not expect someone as apparently trustworthy as yourself, to align himself with the charlatanism against the honesty. Shame on you.

We live in sad and declining times, with a terminally complacent, ignorant and misinformed public now betrayed in its trust by BOTH mainstream government-forming political parties. It is to be expected, given human nature, that ONE such party will be prone to represent utopian, irrational, insupportable notions of which "climate change" is just one example among many. It is a tragedy when the leading of the nation to destruction, is continued uninterrupted by BOTH such parties.

Yours faithfully

Philip G. H


Reply from  Hugh Pavletich:


Dear Phil,
My issues are housing and local government.
As I have made clear within my articles and other communications, I am generally happy with the performance of the Coalition Government to date. Of the 6 Anglo countries covered by the Annual Demographia Survey, New Zealand in my view, is the most advanced in dealing with the issues that are of concern to me.
I will await the release of the Urban TAG Report with accompanying Ministerial Statements, prior to making any further public comment.
Best regards,