To Nick Smith and Bill English from Ken S 9 June 2010

Honorable Bill English & Honorable Nick Smith
Sirs, It is a joke for this government which has turned it back on, and shunned, New Zealand's best climate scientists - to now proclaim a new science department as the salvation for our economy. Science must be allowed to operate freely, unfettered by the popular opinions and fads of the day, something that this government has shown it clearly does not understand !
It appears certain to many of us that the position of Science Advisor to the Prime Minister has been created by this government to validate a predetermined policy on emissions trading. Science has been thrown out the window and been replaced with window dressing. It is time to dismiss the Science Advisor, now that he has placed himself in a position where you can blame him for what you now know - is an increasingly unpopular and scientifically unjustified policy !
Former National Supporter
Ken S