To Chris Auchinvole from Mary M 24 June 2010

Dear Chris,
                I watched the ETS questions on TV this afternon. Nick Smith comes up with the same old out-dated replies.It would appear that he does not have time to keep up with the rapid pace of the scientific discoveries that are being reported almost daily in regard to the whole range of climate change issues.
Today there is a report of new research in NZ that finds that some soils can possibly sequester more carbon than forests!
As for keeping up with the other 29 countries with an ETS, they are all in Europe and except for Germany are in dire financial straits.
The EU ETS has been in since 2004 and only targets industrial and manufacturing sectors.
Maybe we don't have enough manufacturing left in NZ as so much has already gone offshore.
Even that rogue George Soros, predicts that 'Europe faces recession and years of stagnation.' (The Press 17 June 2010)
Can Nick Smith tell us how much of our forests are owned by foreign investors and what value of carbon credits will go offshore?
The general populace will only wake up too late when they get their winter power bills and begin to understand what the ETS means.
Many once National voters will be looking for good Independent candidates next election.
Yours sincerely
Mrs  Mary M