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To Nick Smith from Simon B 7 June 2010


Office of Hon Dr Nick Smith
Minister for Environment, Climate Change Issues and ACC
04 817 6597 T
Dear Hon Dr Nick Smith
                        Thank you for your letter in reply to my E-mail. I must say it was pleasing to receive a composed letter unlike the pro forma replies normally used to acknowledge correspondence.
However, I was gobsmacked by the contents of the letter. The bulk of it looks as if taken straight out of an IPCC report (haven’t you read about Climate-gate?). Successive Governments have tried to use Science (and shonky Science at that) to justify imposing taxes on the ratepayers. 
 Your letter shows that this Government will impose Emission charges regardless of the lack of justification. The ETS is a political and economic measure which has got nothing to do with Climate Change (which the Prime Minster, and I assume you also, believe in) and is just a way of trying to balance the books.

To John Key from Malcolm R 7 June 2010

Prime Minister,

 The past eighteen months started with some sense of elation . The first six months seeing actions taken which many agreed were right and proper actions. We believed that we had at last elected a government which was determined to right previous ill conceived actions . The introduction of the smacking bill and the petition to take it from the statutes being only one of what was to be several badly thought out decisions.
   It all turned to custard when you have persisted to progress the E.T.S. and pass the December 09 legislation. . Since first writing to you in November 2008 , I have continued extensive research into Climate Change ; or whatever you next decide to call it , and it has become very obvious that the advise you have received on the matter is not only wrong , but so manipulated that you are placing the lower income people ($30,000and less earnings )of this country in a penurious position . It is my belief that you and your fellow M.Ps. have lost all touch with reality . 

To Nick Smith from Maureen C 6 June 2010

Dr Smith

The ETS debate continues albeit a very one-sided debate, largely due to a compliant media.
Your often quoted mantra that 'New Zealand does not lead the world with an ETS and 29 countries already have a system in place', is of course not entirely true and you are well aware this is not true.  New Zealand is the only country to have an ''all sectors, all gases" ETS.  You are also well aware that 27 of the 29 countries you quote are within the EU and that scheme has so many exemptions as to make a comparison with New Zealand's scheme laughable.  
Dr Smith you are very quick to point out that both ACT and Federated Farmers are misinforming the public.  Below are three quotes, are you saying that these statements are untrue, if so perhaps you would be good enough to correct them. 

From Brett M to National Party MPs 18 May 2010

To our most honourable Leaders

I’m writing to express my absolute dismay that, with the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme, New Zealand is about to become a world leader for all the wrong reasons.

How can we push through with such a scheme when no other country in the world has signed up to an ETS?

Why is there such a hurry to push this tax through when Australia will not even entertain the idea until at least 2013?

How can you justify forcing this tax on the New Zealand public when we are in a recession?

Why have you changed your position, Most Honourable Prime Minister, when you have previously been quoted as saying that “Global Warming is a hoax” and that “New Zealand should not be a world leader on climate change”?

Why do politicians keep saying the science is settled when you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find that thousands of scientists around the world do not agree with the alarmists' claims?

A petition, signed by over 31,000 scientists, states that there is no convincing scientific evidence that the tolerance of the release of greenhouse gases is causing global warming. The science is not settled; in fact the recent eruption in Iceland makes a mockery of what any ETS would achieve.


To John Key, Peter Goodfellow and Jonathan Coleman from Alan Nic.... 1 June 2010


On 10 May , 2005 , Hansard recorded the following STATEMENT BY YOU.
"On behalf of the National Party I give you the good news , that the climate change amendment bill is a load of rubbish and the National Party will not be supporting it for very good reasons  '.You also stated, "putting a self imposed straitjacket on our businesses and saying to foreign investment , don't come near us." "..this is a complete and utter hoax ."

I wonder if you would be good enough to share the facts that have caused you to change your mind on this important issue. Have you actually heard from anyone who has threatened to boycott New Zealand products if we do not impose this tax? I suspect not..so what has changed since 2005? I really am prepared to be convinced that the majority of New Zealanders are going to benefit by this scheme.

I challenge you to convince me.


To National MP's from Chris B 25 May 2010

Dear National Members of Parliament
As a member of the National party I have been very concerned for some time about the implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

To John Key from Maureen C 24 May 2010

Good afternoon

We watched with interest your interview with Paul Henry on Breakfast this morning and quote from a letter written by Muriel Newman to you on 19 May:
"The reality is that while New Zealand’s comprehensive “all gases, all sectors” ETS will generate a significant income flow for the government, it will seriously damage our economy. In comparison, the European Union's ETS targets just 43 percent of industrial emissions, excluding the transport sector which generates 21 percent of EU emissions, the household and small business sector which generates 17 percent, agriculture which generates 10 percent, and construction and waste which generate 9 percent. Furthermore, the EU scheme is based solely on carbon dioxide - methane, nitrous oxide and fluorocarbons, which make up 48 percent of the European Union's greenhouse gas profile, are all excluded."
Do you dispute these comments and stand by your comments to Paul Henry that the EU ETS is inclusive of petrol, electricity etc. given that your original comment was that 'all' included petrol and then 'the vast bulk'  what is it Mr Key, 'all' or 'the vast bulk'.  Are you prepared to issue a press statement to the effect that the assertions made by Muriel Newman are incorrect and explain why. 

To John Key and others from Neil H 20 May 2010

Dear Minister

I am deeply concerned that you are still so wedded to the IPCC and its
claims of catastrophic global warming.

Please carefully read the following item:


Space and Science Research Center

4700 Millenia Blvd. Ste. 175

Orlando, FL 32839

Tel: 407-835-3635   Fax: 407-210-3901

www.spaceandscience.net <http://www.spaceandscience.net/>


                                                           Press Release
SSRC 4-2009

 Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2:00 PM

Coldest Weather in 100 Years to Strike by 2012

America Unprepared for New Cold Climate Because of President Obama's Climate
Change Policies

 Today, for the first time in over two years, the Director of the Space and
Science Research Center (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida, has issued a new
prediction of the next climate change intended to emphasize the imminent
ill-effects of this new climate period in an important warning to the
American people and their leadership in Washington.


To John Key and Nick Smith from Donald O 20 May 2010

An Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Climate Change, Nick Smith.

As concerned citizens, tax payers and voters, we do not understand why you are pressing ahead with the extension of the ETS on 1 July, when the effects on climate will be nil and the effects on every citizen will be substantially increased taxation.
We would invite you to answer the following questions please.
  • What are we getting in return for a tax on energy of 5-10%?
  • How will a four cent rise in petrol on 1 July and another four cent in 2013 save the world?
  • What do you think the effect of this ETS tax will have on global temperatures?
  • What do you think the effect of our ETS will have on global climate?
  • If climate change is driven by man-made CO2, what caused the Medieval Warm Period or the Little Ice Age, as there was no man-made CO2?
  • Mr Prime Minister, you said you would not lead the charge but would be a ‘fast follower’. Australia has postponed any decision on their ETS bill until 2013 and it also seems that a US cap-and-trade bill is far from certain. As we are the only country implementing an economy wide ETS, who are we following?

To John Key from David D 18 May 2010

Prime Minister,
Please think again you are doing an injustice against the people that voted for you and this little country.
You are setting man against man.
With regards
David D


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