From Brett M to National Party MPs 18 May 2010

To our most honourable Leaders

I’m writing to express my absolute dismay that, with the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme, New Zealand is about to become a world leader for all the wrong reasons.

How can we push through with such a scheme when no other country in the world has signed up to an ETS?

Why is there such a hurry to push this tax through when Australia will not even entertain the idea until at least 2013?

How can you justify forcing this tax on the New Zealand public when we are in a recession?

Why have you changed your position, Most Honourable Prime Minister, when you have previously been quoted as saying that “Global Warming is a hoax” and that “New Zealand should not be a world leader on climate change”?

Why do politicians keep saying the science is settled when you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find that thousands of scientists around the world do not agree with the alarmists' claims?

A petition, signed by over 31,000 scientists, states that there is no convincing scientific evidence that the tolerance of the release of greenhouse gases is causing global warming. The science is not settled; in fact the recent eruption in Iceland makes a mockery of what any ETS would achieve.

Considering that weather bureaux are now under investigation in the United Kingdom and the United States, why has there been no parliamentary enquiry into NIWA since the "Climate Gate" scandal broke? 

NIWA's findings were not peer-reviewed.  The data they collected was compromised as they had violated the correct scientific methods for gathering information to try to show that the New Zealand climate is warming.

Note the recently released report released by the British Parliament following the enquiry into the Climate Gate scandal revealed scientists at the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Centre had manipulated data to prove their conclusions while denying other scientists the opportunity to peer review their work. Principal NIWA scientists Jim Salinger, who was sacked by the organisation and James Renwick have both been implicated in this international scandal and yet have not been brought to task. The New Zealand government obviously put a lot of faith into these individuals who have shown their truth colours, as it is written “the love of money is the root of all evil” and it would seem now days that unless you are part of the alarmist group in the scientific community you will not get research funding. It was also interesting to note the Global Warming Prophet Al Gore is so concerned about rising sea levels that he recently brought himself a 20 million dollar beach front property in California.


I would also like to point out that despite suggestions that the Arctic is melting away ice sheets have reached their highest levels since 1978.

Can you not remember the claims about the ozone layer and what would happen to us all? And yet, life goes on as normal while the media promote the next 'end of the world' headline-grabbing story.

I personally come from a long line of National voters but I’m very disappointed with the government’s decision to push ahead with this tax. It will likely see me change my vote at the next election. As a journalist I will be doing my utmost to inform the people of the “Inconvenient Truths” that have been left out during this entire sorry saga.

You are all elected to serve the people, so do not presume that your traditional supporters like business men and farmers, cannot also change their minds, as Maori have done with Labour, costing you the next election.

Mr Ardern will you drive your tractor up the steps of parliament again like you did in 2003? Because I don’t see any difference between what you did back then and what is at stake now! Mr Smith it’s alleged you sat on panels with other MP’s on climate change and said you didn’t believe in Anthropogenic global warming, so what has changed? As the tea party movement has taken American by storm in a move that will see Barak Obama gone in 2012, as his socialist agenda is exposed, so will your honey moon be well and truly over if you allow this tax to hit the New Zealand public in there pockets. You were all elected by the people to serve the people and the majority of the New Zealanders don’t want this tax as they don’t believe this is happening or did you miss the Close Up debate in December when seventy eight percent of the population rejected this notion you are pushing forward? If you think the anti smacking bill was your worst nightmare I think you will find you are about to open Pandora’s box as the public increasing become more informed about this issue.

I do hope you all will give these matters some serious thought and stop the madness before you do some serious damage to our economy - for no good reason.

Yours sincerely

Brett M

To read Nick Smith's reply click here



Note: a number of our members have received replies to their letters from a variety of National MP's. The replies are virtually identical. Here is an example from Nicky Wagner:


Dear Brett,

Thank you for your email regarding the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)  I understand your concerns. It is a very complex issue and many people are not aware of the full detail.
The National Government believes New Zealand as a responsible international citizen must act to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  Most of the science points to climate change happening, and it’s one of those issues where if you wait to be 100% sure it will be too late to do anything about it.
We believe our moderate emissions trading scheme will help us reduce emissions in ways that result in the least cost to society and the economy.
The world is set on a path to constrain emissions. Countries have to adapt to a price being placed on emissions. We are one country along with many others that is taking action, whether it is an ETS, a carbon tax, or funding from taxpayers. The sooner New Zealand starts that process, the easier the transition will be rather than waiting and having to go harder later.
For the average Kiwi household it is estimated it will cost $3 a week through increases in electricity and fuel costs. This is half what Labour’s ETS would have cost and is a relatively modest amount to do our fair share in fighting climate change.
To put this in the context of the Budget tax reforms – including the impact of higher GST – the average household will receive an extra $25 a week or $1285 a year in the hand.
Money collected under the ETS from oil companies and electricity generators will go towards funding projects that offset their carbon dioxide emissions, such as planting trees in New Zealand. The Government does not make any money from the ETS.
As a small trading nation it is in New Zealand’s long-term interests to have an ETS to protect our clean, green brand. Doing our bit now to curb the growth of emissions puts us in the right space to protect our brand, market access and economy. It is vital to our future prosperity that we ensure there are no barriers to overseas markets.
New Zealand is not leading the world with an ETS. Of the 38 countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol, 29 have an ETS – the bulk in the European Union. In the United States the Obama Administration has indicated its intent to pass legislation before the end of the year. Ten north-eastern states in the US are already part of a cap and trade scheme. Four Canadian provinces have similar schemes and Tokyo has already introduced an ETS.
While Australia has delayed its ETS, Australia, like New Zealand, has signed the Kyoto Protocol and is liable for its emissions. Due to this delay some have assumed there will be no cost for Australian households and businesses. This is incorrect. The Australian Government is spending $5.1 billion on clean energy initiatives to help meet its Kyoto Protocol commitments. This money will come out of the pocket of Australian households and businesses.
It is important New Zealand does its fair share in combating climate change but we don’t want to jump ahead of the rest of the world. That is why there will be a review of the ETS next year, and at regular intervals thereafter, so we can reassess our approach relative to international progress and the latest science. Our very moderate ETS is the sensible way for New Zealand to make progress.
I would finally draw your attention to editorials in the New Zealand Herald, Dominion Post, The Press and Otago Daily Times (attached) all supporting the Government’s sensible approach.




Yours sincerely,
Nicky Wagner