To National MP's from Chris B 25 May 2010

Dear National Members of Parliament
As a member of the National party I have been very concerned for some time about the implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme.
With the research I have done, and as a farmer, I believe that as the only country in the world at this time to implement such a scheme is wrong and over time will effect our future to be able to compete competitively in world markets as none of our customers are implementing such a scheme.
With comments from John Key, Nick Smith and others while in Opposition about the folly of this scheme I feel the party is going back on what they have previously promised New Zealand voters.
It is well and good for the Prime Minister to tell us that it will not cost us much, but have you ever seen any organization who has tried to limit costs for anything like this? It has not and will never happen.
Sure the immediate costs may not be great, but as farmers are price takers not price makers, every other business in New Zealand will pass their costs onto us.
It is not the immediate costs of fuel and power costs on farms but the costs passed on to us by the downstream processing and supply industries that we have to bear. I don't think these costs have been taken into account when you have set your figures.
I have already taken the step of telling the National Party I have resigned from the Party, and if this scheme goes ahead I will not be voting National again.
Yours Faithfully,
Chris B

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