To John Key, Peter Goodfellow and Jonathan Coleman from Alan Nic.... 1 June 2010


On 10 May , 2005 , Hansard recorded the following STATEMENT BY YOU.
"On behalf of the National Party I give you the good news , that the climate change amendment bill is a load of rubbish and the National Party will not be supporting it for very good reasons  '.You also stated, "putting a self imposed straitjacket on our businesses and saying to foreign investment , don't come near us." "..this is a complete and utter hoax ."

I wonder if you would be good enough to share the facts that have caused you to change your mind on this important issue. Have you actually heard from anyone who has threatened to boycott New Zealand products if we do not impose this tax? I suspect what has changed since 2005? I really am prepared to be convinced that the majority of New Zealanders are going to benefit by this scheme.

I challenge you to convince me.

Calculations I have done recently lead me to the conclusion that, despite your statements to the contrary, I will be worse off under National as a result of the recent tax changes (which includes the ETS tax).

I had hopes that under National we would finally see some real progress but it seems so far to be a case of "more of the same". So far we have seen increases in ACC levies, GST, ETS and have yet to feel the flow on effects of ETS on items such as groceries, power and fuel.

A cynic might say maybe that's the idea? Increase GST and then force increases in the price of items on which GST is levied. Seems to be one way to fill the Government coffers and claw back the tax concessions.

Alan N