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To John Key from Rod K 25 June 2010 and reply from Nick Smith 20 August 2010

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To Nick Smith from Kevyn M 9 March 2010

 Dear Dr Smith,
Since my letter of 25 Jan much has been revealed in respect of the false claims, shoddy science corruption of data, and outright deceptions contained in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.
Professor Phil Jones, the lead UK scientist for IPCC has resigned and admitted:
“There has been no global warming since 1995.”
            “Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes.”
Let me list a very brief summary of just a few of the failings of the IPCC report.

To John Key from John S 13 June 2010- and response from Nick Smith

To read the letter from John S to Prime Minister John Key click here.

To read Nick Smith's response click here.


To Nick Smith from Helena T 11 August 2010

Dear Sir,

 We understand that ruminants emit methane,which causes global warming 
and so must pay , but what about all the  CO2 sequestering grass we 
pastoral farmers grow to feed our stock? Why don't we get Carbon credits 
paid or compensated for like foresters?


Nick Smith to Neil Ha. and reply- July 2010

To read Nick Smith's letter click here

Dear Robyn,

National's failure to recognise the anger generated by the ETS will lose them the next election - but it's their choice.  As a supporter of this government I have my ears open to voters feelings on this matter, as should you after Dr Smith nearly faced a lynching party recently.  The feeling is very strongly against the ETS and it's from our supporters, especially farmers.


To John Key from Alan R 27 June 2010

Mr. J Key,
Prime Minister
Dear Sir,
As an older New Zealander and a tax payer of many years, I am most unhappy that you are instituting a new tax to take more money off New Zealanders.
The reason you are instituting this tax is unclear, as is what the money will be used for. Just what are you going to do with the revenue collected?

To Nick Smith from Peter G 1 July 2010


Nick Smith,



To Simon Power from Clyde R 1 July 2010

Dear Simon
Annual power bills  $3800
Annual fuel bills   $6200
I promise you that neither I nor my family will ever vote for you or your party again.

To Chris Tremain from Collin B

Hi Chris,
this time I am not going to get into science or add Links but swing to a view point that might make more of an impression.

No Politician will ever convince me that Man Made CO2 is causing global temp changes so I have decided the way to approach this is to get the word out - and so far it does not bode well for National.

National's current actions are alienating voters.

Recently at one of John Boscawens meetings I purchased a couple of Bumper Stickers - pro CO2 - and then joined the:



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