To Chris Tremain from Collin B

Hi Chris,
this time I am not going to get into science or add Links but swing to a view point that might make more of an impression.

No Politician will ever convince me that Man Made CO2 is causing global temp changes so I have decided the way to approach this is to get the word out - and so far it does not bode well for National.

National's current actions are alienating voters.

Recently at one of John Boscawens meetings I purchased a couple of Bumper Stickers - pro CO2 - and then joined the:

and then sent out this page:

to 115 Kiwis on my mailing list,

and the feedback I am getting thus far is such as this;

Quote "I have traditionally given my constituency vote to McCully but my party vote to ACT. Unless there is a big shift in attitude (and policy) ACT will get both my votes at the next election. unQuote.

Quote "But politicians in government, and Nick Smith in particular, are so arrogant and obstinate, that they don't have the balls to admit they're wrong, at least not until the electorate throws them out. I have a bad feeling that this will be a one-term Nat govt. unQuote

If National is not careful they will drop enough members to Act and others such that next time around will be a weak coalition or enough voters will go to Act to allow Labour back in.

Time for National to stop listening to Television presenters and focus on the fact that the ETS is not only seen as just a Extra Tax System, but will achieve nothing worthwhile in controlling long term temperature variations.


PS I have no desire to be seen as a 'ETS World Leader' - the cost is too great, CB