To John Key from Alan R 27 June 2010

Mr. J Key,
Prime Minister
Dear Sir,
As an older New Zealander and a tax payer of many years, I am most unhappy that you are instituting a new tax to take more money off New Zealanders.
The reason you are instituting this tax is unclear, as is what the money will be used for. Just what are you going to do with the revenue collected?
You will be well aware that the total of NZ emissions at 0.2% of world emissions is so small that even if we were to reduce our emissions to zero this would have a nil effect on the world climate.
New Zealanders have no intention to reduce buying oil based products and past budget moves that have increased the costs of petrol and tobacco have shown no long term reduction in buying after initial slight decreases have worn off. 
The science behind climate change is in no way settled. The most careful research shows that emissions and atmospheric carbon have no effect whatsoever on world temperature and that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is beneficial to plant life and increases productivity.
Our economy will take an immediate 5% cut from the ETS with flow on effects increasing this negative effect for years. Our trading partners have not instituted an ETS (except for a Claytons partial one in Europe that does not cover their main trading items or farming) and would not penalise us for not having one.
Your Minister Mr. Smith said in 2005 that an ETS would have a nil effect on emissions and the position is no different now, except that the man who made the statement is looking foolish as he is the one who is instituting the ETS.
I am astounded that a National government, who in the past have built up the economy, is now deliberately knocking the economy for some unfathomable reason.
It is not too late to stop the ETS and I call on you now to stop this monstrosity in its tracks. If you must, then defer it for 5 years, but please stop this thing now.
Yours sincerely
Alan A R
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor