Nick Smith to Neil Ha. and reply- July 2010

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Dear Robyn,

National's failure to recognise the anger generated by the ETS will lose them the next election - but it's their choice.  As a supporter of this government I have my ears open to voters feelings on this matter, as should you after Dr Smith nearly faced a lynching party recently.  The feeling is very strongly against the ETS and it's from our supporters, especially farmers.

Giving $1100 million dollars of NZ taxpayer's money to forestry owners, most of whom are overseas is a disastrous move.  New Zealanders are just not wealthy enough to make massive payments to Korean, Japanese and German forestry owners, however, they're smart enough to see that this is a vastly stupid act.

Just when we get back into government you're throwing it away again!  The ETS will prove to be National's achilles heel.


Neil Ha.