To John Key and others from Neil H 20 May 2010

Dear Minister

I am deeply concerned that you are still so wedded to the IPCC and its
claims of catastrophic global warming.

Please carefully read the following item:


Space and Science Research Center

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                                                           Press Release
SSRC 4-2009

 Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2:00 PM

Coldest Weather in 100 Years to Strike by 2012

America Unprepared for New Cold Climate Because of President Obama's Climate
Change Policies

 Today, for the first time in over two years, the Director of the Space and
Science Research Center (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida, has issued a new
prediction of the next climate change intended to emphasize the imminent
ill-effects of this new climate period in an important warning to the
American people and their leadership in Washington.

 According to Center Director John Casey, "The climate change predictions
which I started to pass out to our government and media in early 2007 based
upon the 'RC Theory' have now come to pass, exactly as forecast. Global
warming has ended, conclusively, as predicted. The Earth's average
temperature has begun its steep decline within the time frame I said it
would. And last but not least, the Sun has entered a state of 'hibernation'
when I said it would. This new solar period is one of the most amazing
events in the history of science. During solar hibernations, the Sun makes
significant reductions in output which always, always, brings long cold
climates to the Earth. Unbelievably, this historic phenomena is still
largely and intentionally unreported by the media and our leaders and
therefore unknown by the American people. The new cold climate will usher in
global travail that will be amplified specifically because of the
catastrophic climate change policies of the administration of President
Barack Obama that will leave most citizens unprepared."

As to when the ill-effects of the new cold climate will be felt, Director
Casey added,

"The most frequent question I am asked is how soon will it get cold and just
how cold? The purpose of this press release is to give the people an answer
to that fundamental question in a more refined schedule to plan their
adaptation to the next climate change.

It is now possible to make an
estimate of the timing of the descent into the next cold climate depths
based upon the past behavior of the these solar cycles that have ruled the
Earth for at least the last 1,200 years. The forecast of these major cold
eras and solar hibernations associated with these cycles shows them to be
accurate to over 90% using the RC Theory. The good news is that the SSRC
will do what ever it can to get this information out even though our own
government will not.

 While it takes many decades for the heat buildup portion of these solar
cycles as was seen in the past period of Sun-caused global warming, the
plunge into the cold on the down side phases of these cycles takes
relatively little time.

My most recent calculations, just completed,
indicate that global temperatures approaching 100 year cold weather records
will begin to set in any year now but certainly between 2012 and 2017. The
lower troposphere temperature anomaly range during this time frame will be
between -0.2C and -0.75C.

Further, between 2020 and 2025, if not before, we
will begin to see 200 year cold temperature records routinely being broken
with a temperature anomaly range between -0.75C and -1.20C. The coldest and
most destructive years will be during the decade of the 2030's with
temperature ranges between -1.0C and -1.5C.

These global temperature changes
are keyed to the mean global temperature for the past one hundred years and
while they may not seem like much, they translate to potentially massive
agricultural losses world wide especially in the decades of the 2020's and

 Though the previously posted RC Theory research report indicated a bottom to
the cold cycle in the year 2031, it should be noted the temperatures
associated with these climate changes when charted, are not smooth sloped or
straight line functions. For example, it is not uncommon to see 0.6C or
larger temperature variations within just a few years time.

Further, based
on a study of previous solar hibernations it is likely we will see a steep
slope initially leading to a gradual descent toward the 2031 bottom before
we retrace the climb out to warmer decades thereafter. This implies some of
the worst cold could arrive well before the predicted coldest years (i.e.,
the 2020's and later).

These early cold shocks will cause significant crop
damage and then rebound to relative warmth within a year or two before
diving once again even deeper into the cold era. We will of course continue
to see hot, possibly record setting summer temperatures over the years. The
noticeable change will be in winters that start sooner, are much colder and
last longer, with the power to cause post-planting spring crop damage and
early fall pre-harvest crop losses.

Release of this detailed sequence of
climate activity still includes the previous assertion that the pronounced
cold of the next climate change will have devastating consequences for our
primary wheat, corn, and other grain crops in Canada, and the United States.
The last solar hibernation the Earth experienced was the so-called Dalton

Canada and the United States were at that time (1793-1830) still
largely unsurveyed, undeveloped, and uncultivated and the great wheat and
corn growing states and horizon-to-horizon agricultural regions we take for
granted today that feed the world, simply did not exist.

However, even crops back then were wiped out in New England, many people died, and thousands moved out to get away from the bitter cold that settled in along the Great
Lakes and in the northeastern states. Pennsylvania, for example had ice on
lakes and rivers in July. Historian John D. Post said of this period that it
was "...the last great subsistence crisis." Of course, this new forecast
does not include any major volcanic activity as happened during the Dalton
Minimum which would accentuate the solar hibernation cold weather effects
already in place."

 Casey somberly extended his comments saying, "I believe there is a strong
likelihood that the initial cold weather surprises to the North American and
global agricultural systems can begin any year now causing both perceived
and later, real food and fuel shortages. The fuel shortages will arise in
part from the loss of large percentages of corn crops now committed to
ethanol for automotive fuels. The utter stupidity of using farm land and
food crops for fuel will now be played out on a stage of global distress for
all its people. 

 Unfortunately, while the cold climate advances quickly and the Sun cuts back
on output, the Obama administration continues its political campaign to stop
global warming, a climate period that has already ended. Our government has
willfully not told the American people about the now unstoppable solar
hibernation which continues to deepen with each passing month.

This is
without a doubt one of the darkest periods in US history for freedom of
speech and integrity in the scientific community. In addition, this
administration is planning to add $646 billion in new taxes to combat CO2
and other industrial greenhouse gas effects that have at most only a minor
role in climate change.

All the while, the US government is not devoting one
penny in preparing our country for the rapidly approaching cold weather and
attendant crop failures. There is now little doubt that this new cold
climate era, in conjunction with the disastrous climate change policies of
President Obama, has set the stage for what has the potential to be the
worst subsistence crisis in recorded human history." 

 As to why the general public should take such unusual and dramatic forecasts
seriously, Casey responded, "First of all, the SSRC and I have been sending
out this vital message of a coming cold climate era consistently for over
two years.

In addition, a former Chairman of the House of Representatives
Science Committee says I should be taken seriously as have other top
scientists around the world who have come to the same conclusion about the
next cold climate period. World leaders are growing more skeptical of what
they have been force fed about climate change. The President of the European
Union Vaclav Klaus has said the CO2 induced man made climate concept is a
"bad...valueless theory."

Also, the Space and Science Research Center is now
the most quoted reference on the web regarding climate change to the next
cold era. But even if we did not have this support, what I and the SSRC have
already accomplished should say something about the credibility of the SSRC.
We have been the only independent science research organization in America
to correctly and publicly predict in advance, three of the most important
climate change events in history; the end of global warming, the Sun going
into 'hibernation' and the long term decline in the Earth's temperatures.
This contrasts with our government's science agencies and the United Nations
all of whom have completely missed or otherwise keep quiet about these

 The bottom line is this: I believe these new predictions will be just as
accurate as our previous announcements and given their nature, I urge
everyone to give them genuine and immediate consideration. The SSRC and I,
along with other scientists world wide have been doing our best using every
venue to spread the word about getting prepared for the next climate change.

What is different about this press release is that the schedule for the
rough times ahead is now clearer, the first crop damaging cold will arrive
earlier than thought, and thanks to the UN and the Obama administration, it
will catch most people on this planet totally off guard. Therefore, the
people deserve repeated updates and when possible, long range climate
warnings such as this."

 Now read the recent update:

 Mr. Smith I know you have put a lot of effort into your pet project called
the ETS. But quite frankly, articles such as the above are showing you have
backed the wrong horse. Yes I know you can list all sorts of people who
still believe we need to act urgently. There are always people who flog a
dead horse. They include those who have invested vast sums in the stupid nag
and want to get their money back.  But sensible people admit they are wrong
and move on. They cut their losses and put it down to experience.

 Your refusal to cut your losses and move on is seriously  jeopardising your
political future. But perhaps more importantly it is jeopardising the future
of this National led administration. I am sure you do need to be told that
from 1949 to 1972 Labour only held office for only three short years. Your
action over the ETS is ensuring that National is likely to be the governing
party for only three short years in twenty.

 Yours faithfully

Neil H