To all National MPs from Mary M 23 June 2010

Dear ......,
                    I am deeply concerned that your Government is still prepared to implement the Emissions Trading Scheme on 1 July.
I have been following the Climate Change/ AGW debate very closely since September 2009.
 I have read a wide range of views on the internet, attended Climate Change talks given by scientists from Canterbury University and a talk by one of our Youth delegates on her return from Copenhagen. I have read both James Lovelock and Ian Wishart.  I have heard that both John Key and Nick Smith are not brave enough to read Ian Wishart's 'Air Con' - there is a 2010 edition out now.  Jim Anderton nearly had a coronary when I mentioned Ian Wishart's name!
I have found no evidence to convince me that Carbon dioxide is the 'enemy' of planet earth. In fact reducing it could be detrimental to food production.
As for man limiting global warming to 2 degrees - ludicrous!
The well-funded Greenpeace propaganda machine initially captured the world-wide media with 'The Polar bears are dying', 'Islands are sinking', 'Ice-caps are melting', 'Coral reefs are dying', etc. This was supposedly caused by anthropogenic global warming. Other causes have now been shown to be responsible for all these things.
The IPCC has been discredited. Political agendas have over-ridden honest science. Kyoto is dead.
Will an Emissions Trading Scheme make one iota of difference to our carbon emissions? Highly unlikely.
NZ farmers have had to be innovative and efficient to survive long before an ETS became a threat.
Subsidies to farmers are a thing of the past, so why bring back subsidies to forestry? We taxpayers will fund the shortfall.
How many forests are owned by foreign investors or big businesses?
John Key promised that NZ would not lead the world with an ETS and that we would follow Australia.
We do not need a campaign to 'sell' us the ETS. The reason people don't understand it, is because it is incomprehensible.
Even Nick Smith cannot answer all the questions, simply because there are so many unknowns.
Please repeal the ETS before it becomes a disaster for New Zealand's economy.
Yours sincerely
Mary M