To Nick Smith from Paul T

Hello Nick,

I have read on your web site the following : --

"The Nelson and Marlborough economies are struggling. The last thing we
need is another $25 million being sucked out with this new tax. If you
would like to assist the ‘axecarbontax’ petition and campaign, contact
my office. We need to bury this lemon."

However when I click on the link to axecarbontax I do not find anything
there. I really want to help to axe all and any carbon taxes because not
only can we not afford them but they have been proven to be fraudulently
based on pseudo-science, merely to create a panic and allow taxes and a
world-wide bureaucracy to be set up to control the world. I think that
it is unconscionable for the present Government to proceed with this
scam while the rest of the world laughs up their sleeve at our stupidity.

We now know that claims that CO2 and methane are the cause of cyclical
warming at the end of last century are based on manipulated data,
inadequate models and abuse of the peer-review process. We know that in
fact cyclical cooling has been occurring for about the last decade. Not
only has the causative link with CO2 not been proven, but it has
actually been totally disproved, since atmospheric CO2 is steadily
increasing while temperatures have been cycling downwards for the last

Can you show me how I can help to axe the ETS and all other taxes based
on these fraudulent claims?

Yours faithfully,