To David Carter from David D- at Marlborough ETS meeting 22nd April 2010


You are a FARMER like US and you know that we are on OUR KNEES and only get 1% return on our assets
You know we only get only 6.5c in every $ we turnover
You know we should be helping Chile, Haiti, and now China after the earthquakes and huge loss of life which is REAL instead of taxing the engine room of this country after removing all our subsidies to the welfare state
You know the Australian and American governments cherish their farmers and do not treat them like a ragdoll and take our vote for granted
You know that the earth in past history has heated up many times and that CO2 has more than doubled and caused by meteorites, gamma rays and volcanoes and not by animals.
You know that India has 200million cattle against our 5 million and is not taking any part in any global alliance.

You know you are wasting our money and time on an issue that is dead and there is no carbon market and we have had the coldest winter in Europe in 30 years-there is NO global warming.
Instead you want to change the way we farm for ever so that it will never be the same as we know it again with spiralling taxes on all our production.
Example 5.6c a kg on all lamb meat and increasing yearly by 1.3% compounding each year until we pay 100% of the initial taxes which averages out to about $40,000 per year. For what, I ask you where is this money going to?
You know how valuable this money would be to do meanful things like financing the drought through better water storage and getting our industry back on its feet.
You know you are imposing a tax whilst wanting to mine and sell coal in National Parks how hypocritical is that.
You know we are the only country that does not have a senate or upper house and that is why any NZ government can pass such looney legislation unhindered 
You know our fathers and grandfathers fought with their lives in two World wars to give us freedom of choice, private property rights and unimposing governance.
Yet you should be ashamed of being part of leading this country before the whole world on this ill founded hypothesis from a fraudulent IPCC in the UN where our past PM Helen Clark is also housed
And you know, as we all do, its just political patronage over riding commonsense that will do untold  damage to NZ’s  people and economy in this little country.
Its time you listened to those who elected you and not to party policy.
You have drawn a line in the sand to follow this fantasy thinking of Al Gore and we will fight it at all costs.                                                           DSLD