To John Key from Alan Nic.... April 2010

I'd like to add my voice to those calling on the ETS to be scrapped or at 
least deferred until Australia makes a decision to go ahead.

Please don't refer me to Nick Smith for any sensible response as I believe he 
is either too arrogant or proud to admit his mistake and backtrack on this 
stupid piece of legislation

It is my view that the scheme is flawed and for New Zealand to AGAIN be a 
leader in expensive unproven projects smacks of the old Labour Government 

Why is it when increasingly the rest of the world can see the fallacy that is 
being promoted under the Global Warming umbrella you and you government seem 
to be unwilling or unable to do the same.

I seem to remember a statement from you to the effect that NZ would no longer 
be a leader in these sorts of issues. What happened to change that?

This about face, coupled with your attitude in regard to the anti-smacking 
referendum and ignoring the wishes of the majority, has reinforced my view 
that we have gained nothing under this National Government.

Regrettably I must reconsider my support for National in next years' 
elections. My vote will be going to the party that signifies their 
willingness to scrap ETS and to also reduce the level of interference that 
successive government feel compelled to foist on the New Zealand population.

Sadly it appears that National is not one of them - maybe time to look more 
closely at ACT?