To John Key, Nick Smith, Chris Tremain from Maureen and Dennis C 27 April 2010

Good morning
Given the announcement that the Australian Government will defer the ETS for three years, (even though the reason is because of an upcoming Election and things are hotting up),can we expect a similar announcement by the New Zealand Government or do we intend to continue 'leading the world' and putting added financial pressure on the citizens of New Zealand and rather than 'catching up with Australia' continuing to fall behind.
Maureen and Dennis
Reply from Chris Tremain:
Tuesday April 27, 2010
Maureen and Dennis,
We will be continuing with the ETS scheme.
Just a few points:
It is half the cost of Labours scheme for consumers which had already been legislated.
It is 25% of the cost of Labours scheme for farmers which had already been legislated.
Farmers don't come into the scheme unttil 2015

There is a review of the scheme in 2011. The PM has said that if major trading partners have not been brought into the scheme at this point agriculture will be removed from the scheme.
Next year $1.2 billion will be handed out to forest owners in carbon credits. Only $400 milllion will be collected in tax. This will stimulate forestry planting which has been in abeyance for the last 5 years.
The net cost per household is $165.
Businesses and the economy need certainty to invest and we will provide that by continuing with the ETS as from 01 July.
Kind regards,
Chris Tremain

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Response from Maureen and Dennis

28 April 2010

As always thank you for taking the time to answer our email.
Sadly there is nothing new, this is the spin we have been hearing for some time.  What you are actually saying is, it's going to hurt but not as much as if Labour's scheme had been adopted.The Labour party is not a credible opposition, we are all aware of that.  However this does not give the National Government a mandate to do anything at all without thought for the citizens of this country, not just National voters but all New Zealanders.   
You mention that agriculture is not  being included until 2015.  With respect Chris, do you seriously think that farmers, as well as all other businesses, will not be affected by rises in electricity and fuel, costs which will have to be built into their operating costs and passed on.
We no longer hear Mr Key talk about our scheme being aligned to Australia's scheme or the schemes of our other trading partners, why is that?   One of the reasons given by John Key and backed up by Tim Groser for introducing an ETS was the possibility of trade barriers if we did not have a scheme in place.  Now we will be the only country with a barrier, one of self imposed extra cost.    
It has been well publicised that 17 members of the Cabinet supposedly wanted the ETS suspended or deferred but they were overruled.  If that is correct, it is a sad indictment that the National Government leadership is willing to put at risk all the good things that the Government has done and potentially could do in the future to further this agenda.
We never thought we would see the day when a National Government would so easily jump onto the United Nations 'aspirational' bandwagons with such vigour and glee, climate change is only one issue, you will be well aware of the other issues the vast majority of New Zealanders are opposed to. 
Maureen and Dennis
Unfortunately the poll rating is beginning to cloud judgement.