To John Key from Les H 24 April 2010

Hi John
I have just read your newsletter and I am some-what surprised by your continuing promotion of the concept of man made climate change, as evidenced by your comments pasted below:

National believes New Zealand must do its fair share to reduce carbon emissions. That's why the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is going ahead.

The ETS balances our economic opportunities with our environmental responsibilities.

The Government is continuing to monitor international developments. Next year we'll have a formal review of the ETS.

With all due respect, I along with a majority of thinking people in NZ (and now,the world) must ask why?
1. Who else in the world is committing to introduce an ETS scheme in July 2010 or indeed, at anytime?
Answer: No one! Therefore, New Zealand is committing to "more than our fair share!"
2. What evidence is there that ETS balances anything?
Answer: ETS will ensure a negative environment in NZ for any economic opportunities to develop!
3. The government is continuing to monitor international developments?
Answer: What international developments....?
That is another (group) of useless government departments you can eliminate, putting the savings into front end health or education and I mean by that, in reading, writing and arithmetic!
I am also in receipt of a letter from Nick Smith dated 19 February 2010 in reply to my email of the 18/12/09 to yourself (cc'ed to the other ministers involved or with an interest)...
For your information, Nick should be complimented on being the only minister to take time out to reply.... However, from his reply it is obvious that he and his (scientific?) advisors have little understanding of anything in the real world, let alone the cause of any climate change...
Regrettably, the "real world" of operating my business has intruded on my research, to enable me to answer the comments made in his letter, (perhaps you could lend me some 'investigative' researchers) with scientific fact rather than any 'political waffle' from either side of the discussion but I assure you I do intend to do so during the next few weeks...
Meanwhile, I am one of the growing number of New Zealanders who voted for a change in government to bring back the concept of "governance by the people, for the people" - A government who will listen! And the mounting evidence todate is, the Clark government disease is catching!