To All Politicians and the Listener from Phil H 16 March 2010

Dear Editor,
NIWA's Principle Climate Scientist Brett Mullan claims that all the IPCC's computer models agree on a large number of basic aspects of climate change.  (20 March "letters"). 
The facts are as follows. There has always been an enormous variation of predictions about the earth's rising temperature, from these models. The IPCC has tended to use averages, and provide a range of possible scenarios. Over the 20 years so far that these models have been operating, even the "lowest" prediction has been too high, and the other models predictions have ranged upwards from there.
And they assure us that what they are telling us now about climate 100 years hence, will be right? It is now far too late for the IPCC's media cheerleaders to preserve any of their own credibility, let alone protect that of the IPCC. It is also time for NIWA and other scientific organisations to get their houses in order, considering the inevitable repercussions once proper commissions of inquiry have been held.
Any "Climate Scientist" who did not dissociate himself from this "greatest scientific fraud of all time" in 2001, when the IPCC shoved the Medieval Warm Period down the memory hole like George Orwell's totalitarians in "1984", is not worthy of the name and has betrayed any public trust that is vested in them.
Yours Faithfully
Philip H