To Peter Goodfellow (National Party President) by Neil H 9 April 2010


Dear Sir
I will be upfront. I am not a National party member. However I voted National at the last election to get rid of the Labour Government and also to stop having us lead the world in matters of climate change. I am bitterly disappointed with the performance of National in this latter matter, and informed my MP Hon. Anne Tolley she lost my vote at the next election when they rushed through their amendments to the ETS in such indecent haste.
Among the items in my submission to the Select Committee hearing submissions on the amended legislation I said:
I now wish to direct comments specifically to the Honourable Members Foss, Adams, Bennett, Gilmour and Lotu-liga. [National’s Members on the Committee] Many of us were swayed by your Party’s call for change at the last election. We expected significant change, particularly in the area of climate change, since you would not support the current ETS as it went through the House. Now we have seen you negotiating with the promoters of that legislation to get support for yours.
Your leader, while still in Opposition, once replied to a question about climate change, that ‘perception is reality’. I found this an astounding answer from someone aspiring to be PM as it is the voice of a follower, not a leader. I know there are members of your Caucus who do not believe in human produced global warming. There are those who stood on the steps of Parliament with the protesters over the ‘fart tax’. Now that you have the power to stop this nonsense, why are you hiding in the folds of Helen Clark’s skirts?
My perception is that we are being governed by an incompetent bunch of fools! You need to be made acutely aware that we did not vote for National because we loved you. We voted National because we hated the extreme Left leanings of the others.
In case you are colour blind, the Greens are more RED than Helen Clark. If all you do for change is paint a few more spots on the leopard you will be in for a rude shock at the next election. I have heard of many National supporters who are grossly disenchanted. Please note what almost happened to Meat and Wool New Zealand for not listening to their electorate! Your leader was held up as the ‘key to our future’. Under this legislation the only future he will be key to will be Davy Jones’ locker at the bottom of the economic sea.
I endorse the comments of David Evans. He is the expert who spent six years developing Australia’s carbon accounting model that measures their compliance with Kyoto. He initially felt very important doing this work to save the planet. But as he saw the climate research unfold, and saw new evidence emerge he had the courage to change his mind and he wrote this about the Australian Government:  [Before it had its legislation defeated]“[It] is about to deliberately wreck the economy in order to reduce carbon emissions. If the reasons later turn out to be bogus, the electorate is not going to re-elect a Labour government for a long time.
When it comes to light that the carbon scare was known to be bogus in 2008, the ALP is going to be regarded as criminally negligent or ideologically stupid for not having seen through it.”
I wish to emphasize; National is only riding high in the polls because we lack a large third party to support as a viable alternative and also because many are still blissfully unaware of the real costs of the ETS after the transition, because of the successful spin being put out by the politicians and the co-operative mainstream media.
I attended a lunch in Gisborne in July that Rt. Hon. Mr. Key was guest speaker at. I was concerned that he is surrounded by advisors that are very one sided in their views on climate change. I presented him with a fact sheet, a copy of which I have attached to this email. I was more than a little surprised to end up getting a reply from Hon. Nick Smith because the letter had been passed to him as it was deemed to be his field.
This week I wrote another strongly worded letter to Rt. Hon. Mr. Key as a result of his press release on Wednesday that the ETS was likely to go ahead in July.  This is what I wrote:
Dear Prime Minister
You are so slow to wake up!! Today you are quoted in the NZ Herald as saying “Despite concerns from businesses the [ETS] introduction was likely to go ahead in July”.
At least you have the word ‘likely’ in there, suggesting there is still hope your senses may return before it is too late!!
I questioned you at a meeting in Gisborne in July 2009 about the ETS, and was assured you would not harm the economy. You answer was much too smooth and slick to convince me of anything other than the fact that you  were not someone I would trust. Events have done nothing to make me reassess that view.
You rushed your ETS amendments through under urgency so you could brag at Copenhagen even though we knew Copenhagen would produce nothing and that no one else would have an ETS as far reaching as ours, thus violating your election promise we would not be a world leader.
Climategate and all its sequels have raised huge questions over the validity of claims of dangerous global warming.
The man at the centre of Climategate, Phil Jones, has admitted he got it wrong by conceding the climate has not warmed significantly since 2005.
Now news has come through that Arctic Ice levels are increasing and are at the maximum extent since 2001. This has prompted Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) to admit the Centre’s 2007 conclusions that global warming had pushed the Arctic to a tipping point from which it might not recover was, in retrospect, an over-statement.
You have said in the past that perception is reality. The reality is that the vast majority of New Zealanders have woken up that there is no dangerous global warming. You also need to awaken to reality. The reality is you need to admit you over estimated the response needed by New Zealand to align it with the rest of the world. You need to stand up and admit it and you need to delay the ETS immediately. The longer you wait the more foolish you are making yourself look.
Today I received a reply saying it has been passed to Hon. Nick Smith because it is within portfolio. The letter is clearly addressed to comments John Key made, and actions he needs to take. Why is he passing off the responsibility he should be accepting as leader?
I know many, many individuals, organisations and industry groups all want to see the ETS delayed. Now that Copenhagen has failed, the science has many questions hanging over its integrity, and other countries are backtracking on plans for climate change, there is no conceivable reason for NZ to keep on insisting in running with our ETS.
I believe, as does David Evans of Australia, that once the people of New Zealand wake up to the truth, National will suffer huge loss of popularity if they are still on their current path. I therefore urge you to take your leader aside and persuade him to back down.
Yours faithfully
Neil H
Lunch message for John Key (attached to above email):
Honourable Prime Minister
 At the time of the signing of Kyoto I was a global warming believer. But as time has gone on and the ‘science’ of the IPCC has unravelled, I have come to the conclusion that global warming is NOT caused by human produced greenhouse gases. I strongly encourage you to open your eyes to the reality in front of you. Ignore the perceptions the IPCC and the green movement so stridently trill in your ears. Look at a few facts.
The science is NOT settled. 31,000 US scientists signed a petition saying human produced greenhouse gases are not causing heating of the earth’s atmosphere.
The global temperature change is currently tracking below the most conservative projections of the IPCC. This must call into question the projections of the IPCC.
Carbon dioxide is NOT pollution. It is absolutely essential to life.
Carbon dioxide is NOT the most important greenhouse gas. Water vapour accounts for up to 95% of the planet’s greenhouse effect.
Carbon dioxide is odourless and colourless. It is NOT the smog you see and smell in cities like Beijing.
Increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere allows plants to grow better. More food can be produced on the same area.
 Most parts of New Zealand would produce more food in a warmer climate. Our farming systems are limited by winter temperatures.
A survey of my local farmers revealed that they all believe it would be cheaper to adapt their farming methods to a changing climate, rather than try and control the climate.
More people die of cold related problems than heat related ones in spite of the world’s population being concentrated in the warm areas.
Methane produced by livestock breaks back down to carbon dioxide, from whence it originally came. It does NOT accumulate in the atmosphere causing global warming.
It is said we must guard our clean green image. What is more clean and green than animals sitting in a paddock belching methane as they have for thousands of years. 
We do NOT live in a carbon constrained world. I was taught in the 1970’s that oil would run out early in the 21st century. Still no end is in sight. When the end does appear normal supply and demand will dictate the switch to alternatives. There is no need to use taxes to force change now. Time will allow technology to produce better options. Don’t lock into more costly options now.
Meat and Wool New Zealand is lobbying the government that we need an ETS. They do NOT represent the views of their farmer levy payers. Many hundreds of farmers have spoken out against their stand. I have heard few farmers defend their position.
We desperately need leadership. We need someone to show integrity. We need someone to stand for the truth. Do you have the courage? Or are you going to continue being ‘politically correct’ and watch extreme socialism, masquerading under a thin green veneer of environmentalism, destroy western civilisation for no benefit to the climate?
Yours faithfully

Neil H