To Peter Goodfellow (National Party President) by Maureen C 8 April 2010

Good afternoon Mr Goodfellow
On 23 November 2009 we wrote to you with our concerns with the direction of the National Party is taking, even though we are not financial members.
We did not receive even an acknowledgement from you which is surprising although this is becoming par for the course with National Party members.  Over the months we have corresponded with a variety of MPs, admittedly mainly on the subject of climate change, and rarely receive an acknowledgement let alone a reply.   We are becoming more and more disillusioned with our Prime Minister who is in grave danger of following the track of the unpopular former PM who put her ambitions for herself before ambitions for her country and its people.
Our views on climate change and the ETS remained unchanged and are even stronger given the deceit and flawed science surrounding the subject.  We are also appalled that this Government would continue with an ETS which originally was designed to fall in line with Australia's and was also designed to stop any trade barriers because we did not have an ETS.  Now we lead the world in being the only country with an ETS.
We suggest you follow the following link: and click on the Letters heading.  You may be surprised, but perhaps not, with the depth of feeling toward the Government and particularly Mr Key and Dr Smith.
As we said we are not financial members so will not be a loss to your party financially, however our vote has been with National for a very long time.  That is about to end.
Maureen and Dennis C