To the Select Committee from Maureen C 6 October 2009


I submit that this Bill should be withdrawn, the current Emission Trading Act be repealed and the Government of New Zealand take no action in Copenhagen.
The introduction of this scheme and the previous scheme will impose costs onto the NZ economy at a time of recession with no measurable beneficial outcome.
Whether the costs are imposed on the taxpayer or onto industry emitters, the outcome will be the same. New Zealanders will pay the price for ill-conceived legislation as any increased costs incurred by producers will be passed on to consumers.

To the Select Committee from Donald O 1 October 2009


I represent no organisation and submit as a voter and tax payer. I am opposed to the ETS concept completely, as there is little sensible scientific evidence that CO2 had anything to do with the 1 degree of warming we had last century. 
From about 1998 we have entered a cooling period while the CO2 continues to climb. A sensible approach would be to stop the headlong rush to destroy our economy and instead set up a watching brief. a royal commission perhaps? 

To the Select Committee from Paul T 12 October 2009


I am submitting this in my own name. I have no quantification of the number of people who would support my viewpoint, but I know that it is considerable and increasing.
I do not wish to appear before the select committee to speak on this submission.
My educational qualifications include a double-major in Accounting and Economics from Auckland University. I am now retired and have had more time to devote to this issue than most. I have had a life-long interest in mathematics and science and have better than a school-leavers competence in both subjects, sufficient to be able to weigh the arguments from both sides of the debate without having to rely entirely on the say-so of someone else.

Copenhagen Accord Establishes Global Government Framework

Governance structure” will be set up to control taxes on CO2 emissions

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, December 19, 2009

Although the final Copenhagen agreement is largely being dismissed as a failure by both the mainstream media and climate skeptics, it does establish the framework for a global government which will control climate finances via taxes on CO2 emissions, as Lord Monckton warned on The Alex Jones Show this week.

Monckton said that the main goal of Copenhagen was to “establish the mechanism, the structure, and above all the funding for a world government.”


To the Select Committee from Andy W 12 October 2009


The IPCC is not a reliable scientific body. Grave concerns about the review process and content have been raised by respected scientific commentators and climate scientists, including IPCC expert reviewers - several of them New Zealanders!

To the Select Committee from Alan S 6 October 2009


My submission opposes both this bill and the old bill.
I am sure you are aware of the following information, but my submission requires a degree of background to put it into context.
1.      Temperature has been cooling since the beginning of the 21st century. One of the lead authors for the IPCC, Prof Mojib Latif, is now predicting cooling for the next ten to twenty years despite the increase in CO2 levels. This is called a pause in the warming, although others have called the warming a pause in cooling. It does appear to be confusing because it depends on what time scale you choose to use.

To the Select Committee from Alan R 1 October 2009


 Climate Change and Global Warming

 I am writing to you as I am concerned that the direction Parliament is taking in promoting an ETS

that will cause enormous economic damage to New Zealand as a whole, it will drive many of our

citizens to poverty and bankrupt the New Zealand economy. From my letter below, you will see

that the evidence for global warming being man made does not exist.



To the Select Committee from Michael D 1 October 2009


I find it unbelievable that the western world can so readily and happily sign up to taxing itself to hell and back on the distorted orchestrations of IPCC.

To Nick Smith from Neil H 11 September 2009


Dear Minister
I am writing this to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your performance as the minister in charge of climate change negotiations. The Prime Minister, when he was still Leader of the Opposition, answered a question of mine by saying perception is reality. My perception is that we are being governed by an incompetent bunch of fools.

To Nick Smith from Alan N 30 August 2009

Mr. Smith
       All my working life has been in agriculture and I have witnessed many changes, however I think the changes to come will surpass them all. My plan was to semi retire by purchasing a 100 hectare block or there abouts to run enough stock to cover costs and a have bit extra left over for little luxuries, however having considered the policies you are promoting to combat global warming I have come to the conclusion that I would be committng economic suicide by continuing with this plan.


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