To Nick Smith from Alan N 30 August 2009

Mr. Smith
       All my working life has been in agriculture and I have witnessed many changes, however I think the changes to come will surpass them all. My plan was to semi retire by purchasing a 100 hectare block or there abouts to run enough stock to cover costs and a have bit extra left over for little luxuries, however having considered the policies you are promoting to combat global warming I have come to the conclusion that I would be committng economic suicide by continuing with this plan.
My carbon bill would be one and a half times my fertiliser bill with absolutely no economic return. As a result I would not be making a small profit but rather a large loss, and I see no point in attempting to farm under such conditions. Not only would I not make a profit I would also lose on depreciating land values as farm values plummet on the back of unsustainable costs over incomes.
       Having carefully considered your proposals I also fail to see how inflicking massive carbon costs on agriculture and industry is going to make one jot of difference to "emissions" produced. What it will make a difference to is the amount the consummer will end up paying. The people who will fair the worst are those on fixed low incomes, which happen to be the majority of the population. Unless this govt. can find a clean burning replacement fuel to fulfill the current place oil fills in our economy, then all these policies will do is reduce this country to a similar position as that currently filled by Zimbabwe.
       As a voter I have supported National in all but one election, but if this policy is enacted I will definnetly be changing my vote to whichever party promises to ditch it.
   Alan N