To the Select Committee from Donald O 1 October 2009


I represent no organisation and submit as a voter and tax payer. I am opposed to the ETS concept completely, as there is little sensible scientific evidence that CO2 had anything to do with the 1 degree of warming we had last century. 
From about 1998 we have entered a cooling period while the CO2 continues to climb. A sensible approach would be to stop the headlong rush to destroy our economy and instead set up a watching brief. a royal commission perhaps? 
Because politicians are involved, (Al Gore getting a Noble prize for peace for his shonky movie!) the debate has not been about science but I suggest is about tax. 
The world has been much colder and much warmer in the past and CO2 has been only a little lower but has certainly been a lot higher. The highest was 7000 parts per million 550 million years ago and the present level is about the lowest it has ever been. 
We need more CO2 to make plants and food grow, so please stop trying to turn it into a problem. 
If you looked at site you will see evidence of this historic low in CO2 and also evidence that world temperature is trending down. Warming and cooling is really driven by sunspot activity and if you looked at a graph of both you will see a perfect correlation, whereas a complete miscorrelations occurs with CO2 levels.
As to the politics, over 40% if UK residents believe that the science is too complex for scientists to make useful forecasts, 32% believe that claims that humans are changing the climate are exaggerated and 44% accept tha many leading experts still question the influence of human activity in climate change, so we won't be scared if you stop this scheme now.
By the next election I expect the NZ public opinion will be solidly against any government who is forcing a new tax on us in the name of fixing a non-existant problem. The true science will not be silenced, as the earth has now entered a cooling cycle. See the 100 year graph on Pacific Decadal Oscillation at //
As one small voter I urge you to halt this madness before you destroy our economy and your own political futures.

Donald O