To Nick Smith from Neil H 11 September 2009


Dear Minister
I am writing this to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your performance as the minister in charge of climate change negotiations. The Prime Minister, when he was still Leader of the Opposition, answered a question of mine by saying perception is reality. My perception is that we are being governed by an incompetent bunch of fools.
I am particularly galled by your negotiations with Labour to get support for your proposed ETS legislation. I voted National to get rid of Labour and the ETS.  I can fully identify with the animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm who, at the end of the book, are gazing through the farmhouse windows wondering who are the pigs and who are the humans.
You stood on the steps of Parliament to protest against the ‘fart tax’. You are a hypocrite to now tax us with an ETS. I was recently at a luncheon in Gisborne where the Prime Minister spoke. I nearly choked when he said that National had NOT forgotten where its roots were. If I hear another National MP repeat that statement I will not hold my tongue. I am utterly appalled at the total contempt shown to the democratic voice of New Zealand over the treatment of the anti-smacking referendum. It is time you start heeding the grassroots people of New Zealand and stop lusting after the fragrance of power held out by the Green Movement. I cannot possibly understand how a thinking intelligent person cannot see through the propaganda put out by the IPCC. It is a poorly disguised smoke screen to destroy Western civilisation and replace it with socialism. Are you a puppet of the IPCC who has infiltrated the National Party?
I would caution you to pay careful attention to what happened to Meat and Wool New Zealand in the recent levy votes for taking their electorate for granted. You do have an election to face in two years time, unless your next move is legislate that out of existence as you totally couple with the Left to bring in the world’s next Socialist regime.
I am sick of hearing that we need to do our bit. That if we don’t we will suffer trade tariffs and sanctions. Why do we need to suck $6 billion out of our economy every year to do this? $6 billion would pay a lot of tariffs. Why don’t you step outside and get some fresh air and clear your head and think some sense? We could take just $2 billion for a couple of years and mount a major media campaign in our main markets and unbrainwash the public in those markets, and demonstrate we are clean and green letting our animals do what they do naturally in the wild. New Zealand has never been shy to take a stand in the past such as stopping French nuclear testing. Why are we so slow this time? If you are too feeble to do it, step aside and make room for someone who has the guts!!
Yours faithfully
Neil H