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John Key to Les H and back again 6 November 2009

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Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 7:52 AM
Subject: Re: [Contains Potentially Offensive Language] Climate change, the science is not settled!

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Hon John Key, I acknowledge your recent email.



To John Key from Rob S 6 November 2009

You have shown in your first year of office to be a thoughtful human being who's success is a direct result of your ability to think about things before making a commitment.

To John Key, Nick Smith, Tim Groser from Tony O 2 November 2009

I am writing to you about the Copenhagen Treaty on Climate Change with the signing due in December, just weeks away.

Spuriously the treaty is all about combating global warming and climate change. In reality it's about a United Nations One World Governmentand power.The very name "Climate change" is absurd. Climate change has been happening for millions of years. Using climate change shows it is not understood. Global warming, if it exists, is quite different. There is more evidence to show climate change is a myth. There is much suspect or fictitious science used by the alarmists.


To John Key from Les H 1 November 2009

Hi John
It will never cease to amaze me that vested interest involved in this man made climate change fiasco, including the Greens, United Nations and now our current government (based on the ETS proposals to be taken to Copenhagen) can continue to promote and endeavour to enforce a 'carbon' tax regime on the world when science together with satellite and ocean sensor observations in place since 1978 are telling us the period from 1998 to the present day, is showing a climate and ocean temperature reduction in real terms... And also indicates this climate temperature reversal will likely eliminate all (natural) warming identified to 1998 developing into a climate cooling cycle extending through the next decade...


To Nick Smith from Michael D 22 October 2009

Dear Dr Smith,

It would be nice to think you may personally read this but perhaps that may be wishful thinking.
You may claim the IPCC is unbiased but the world is very much in doubt about that.
Don’t refer alarmist publications to us we have had them for 15 years. Why don’t you read some of the other points of view.
You will be unable to show any irrefutable figures to prove that man made C02 is responsible for any global warming at all. I challenge you to do so. The fact that the opposite has often happened and is happening now  seems like water of a ducks back you and the alarmists. You refer the “record” CO2 levels but just like IPCC you miss out the periods where CO2 was up to 7000 ppm. Another hockey stick effect.

To John Key from Resource Users Association NZ INC 26 October 2009


Dear Sir,
The UNITED NATIONS Copenhagen “Treaty” –
This so-called “Treaty”, to be ratified early in December, is plainly a UN ‘constitutional’ document for the purpose of establishing a bestial world-wide governmental DICTATORSHIP. The countries that ratify it with their representative’s signatures will immediately lose their sovereignty and freedom forever.

To the Select Committee from the Kiwi Party


Submission to address the following terms of reference of the Committee's review:
# identify the central/benchmark projections which are being used as the motivation for international agreements to combat climate change; and consider the uncertainties and risks surrounding these projections
# consider the impact on the New Zealand economy and New Zealand households of any climate change policies, having regard to the weak state of the economy, the need to safeguard New Zealand’s international competitiveness, the position of trade-exposed industries and the actions of competing countries.

To the Select Committee from H D B 13 October 2009

I make this submission as the owner of a hill-country sheep and beef breeding and finishing farm.

The ETS, even in the amended form now proposed, will ruin NZ.

Labour rammed it through the House. I think I remember that when someone said, very sensibly, that NZ should not allow itself to become isolated in world markets but should instead be a "fast follower" in emissions control our then Prime Minister replied "It is not in NZ's nature to be a follower. We must lead the world." That was vanity and ambition.

The ETS, if implemented, will hit every one of us very hard in the hip pocket through greatly increased prices for everything, especially fuel and power, transport and all products made with them; but this will be the least of our worries.


To John Key from Peter F 15th September 2009

John Key
Prime Minister of New Zealand

Dear Prime Minister,

This is addressed to you because I no longer have any faith in your Climate Change Minister Dr Smith. He seems quite incapable of distinguishing evidence from hype with respect to climate change. The science is actually very simple but he clearly refuses to read anything contrary to his beliefs and fails to understand the difference between physical evidence and computer models, the latter being based on unproven assumptions (we should now say “on proven false assumptions”)


To Nick Smith from Peter F 2009


Dear Dr Smith
I have just received a copy of the pamphlet New Zealand’s 2020 Emissions Target. I am angry over the shear dishonesty in figures, masquerading as science, quoted in this pamphlet. I am also really angry that you want to charge every taxpayer $30 per week plus increase fuel, power and food, to tilt at windmills, or is it to be able to grandstand at Coppenhagen.
When you were made climate spokeperson in opposition I thought National had someone who could sort the sheep from the goats. I sent you several critical articles that showed that CO2 is not a driver of climate change but it is obvious that you are not reading any of the scientific evidence that disputes the IPCC’s hypothetical models.


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