To Nick Smith from Michael D 22 October 2009

Dear Dr Smith,

It would be nice to think you may personally read this but perhaps that may be wishful thinking.
You may claim the IPCC is unbiased but the world is very much in doubt about that.
Don’t refer alarmist publications to us we have had them for 15 years. Why don’t you read some of the other points of view.
You will be unable to show any irrefutable figures to prove that man made C02 is responsible for any global warming at all. I challenge you to do so. The fact that the opposite has often happened and is happening now  seems like water of a ducks back you and the alarmists. You refer the “record” CO2 levels but just like IPCC you miss out the periods where CO2 was up to 7000 ppm. Another hockey stick effect.
It is pathetic to see the arguments about ACC charges when you and the government are hell bent on taxing us billions for a whim about global warming.  You will cost the country its economic future because of the nonsense. You will cause us to have a second recession for nothing. You say that global warming (which is not happening anyway ) “is very likely” to be man made and dangerous changes “may” happen – but you are happy to saddle the country with billions of dollars of tax on these “likely” and “may happen” events. Not good enough for any business decision to tax us billions    
 The whole issue will just be a wealth transfer tax. It is a pity that National is so very keen to do that. However National has always wanted to be left of labour as it was in the Muldoon era.
I have previously written to John Key and yourself to say that if National keeps on with all this you will never receive a cent of support or a vote from the 5 members of this family.- And that would be the tip of the iceberg.
The country is becoming an international joke
I do hope you may find time to read this and please ask yourself what you think you are doing.
Very sincerely
Michael D