To John Key from Resource Users Association NZ INC 26 October 2009


Dear Sir,
The UNITED NATIONS Copenhagen “Treaty” –
This so-called “Treaty”, to be ratified early in December, is plainly a UN ‘constitutional’ document for the purpose of establishing a bestial world-wide governmental DICTATORSHIP. The countries that ratify it with their representative’s signatures will immediately lose their sovereignty and freedom forever.
All the hocus-pocus accusations about methane gas, carbon dioxide and phoney climate warming/change is peddled in order to justify UN’s push for a central world authority with dictatorial powers. As eminent world scientist Lord Monckton says…. “there is no problem with climate and, if there were, an economic treaty does nothing to [help] it.
The vast majority of New Zealanders are opposed to the climate propaganda. Many productive citizens have already quit NZ. This is a continuing process.
Of those who remain, most expected your Government to stand by its promises in pre-election policy statements to redress ‘Labour’ Govt., excesses. This has not eventuated.
Your ‘policy’ regarding protection of individual property ownership rights has not been honoured nor is there any evidence that it will be.
It follows as night follows day that, if you continue to be minded to do the unthinkable and sign the ‘Copenhagen Treaty’ in December, this will be a further drastic erosion of New Zealander’s individual  ‘property ownership rights’.
If you sign the ‘Treaty’, the National Party and your political career will quickly become history.
Prime Minister Key – Have  YOU read the ‘Copenhagen Treaty Document ??  
Yours Faithfully,
Bruce R. Malcolm