To John Key from Rob S 6 November 2009

You have shown in your first year of office to be a thoughtful human being who's success is a direct result of your ability to think about things before making a commitment.
With all the argument for and against man made global warming could I please implore you to have Nick Smith 'bullet' list  this irrefutable evidence he has, in support of man made global warming, so that at the very least, the people of NZ can have some comfort that both you and your ministers have got this one right!
Obviously I have serious doubts but would love (as would I believe would many other thousands) like you to dismiss any of our fears for the safety/security and long term economics of our wonderful country and possibly even the world as we know it - if you wish to go down in history for the right reasons then complete this simple task and be shown to all Kiwi's and the rest of the world as one  who made a decision based upon the desire to get it right!
It's never too late to take a second look!
Yours Respectfully
Rob S