To John Key, Nick Smith, Tim Groser from Tony O 2 November 2009

I am writing to you about the Copenhagen Treaty on Climate Change with the signing due in December, just weeks away.

Spuriously the treaty is all about combating global warming and climate change. In reality it's about a United Nations One World Governmentand power.The very name "Climate change" is absurd. Climate change has been happening for millions of years. Using climate change shows it is not understood. Global warming, if it exists, is quite different. There is more evidence to show climate change is a myth. There is much suspect or fictitious science used by the alarmists.

Interestingly this Kyoto nonsense was launched by the Labour government and it's PC delusions. It seems the new government and Mr Key, like the Labour led one, refuses to listen. By signing at the Kyoto Convention with its ludicrous, impractical carbon emissions trading scheme, New Zealand's farming will have yet another cost imposed on it. Kyoto will cost every New Zealander several thousand dollars a year.

 New Zealanders are being  given no chance to vote. I challenge you to not sign, and if you believe in democracy, hold a referendum as to whether NZ should sign.

Now there's a challenge for you.

I would appreciate a reply.

I remind you one and every MP is a public servant, funded by the taxpaying public.

Everyone should stop and reflect on that and listen.

yours sincerely

Tony O