Reaping Bitter Green Dividends

Reaping Bitter Green Dividends


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24 October 2011


The battle for Carbon Sense will go on. We have no option but to fight until the Carbon Tax bills are repealed and the dead weight of the massive Climate Change Bureaucracy is removed from our backs. We hope you can support us in this fight. Please pass this on.


The carbon policies of the Australian government will destroy regional industry.


Most regional industry relies on adding value to the products of primary industries – smelters, refineries, processing plants, cement plants, sawmills, flour mills, abattoirs and rail and port infrastructure. These facilities require cheap reliable electricity, which will never be supplied by green energy toys.

Global Warming: How it all began

by Richard Courtney

Imagined risk

All available evidence indicates that man-made global warming is a physical impossibility, but if the predicted warming could be induced it would probably provide net benefits. However, there is a widespread imagined risk of the warming and politicians are responding to it. Responses to imagined risk are often extreme and dangerous. For example, somebody with a fear of mice may see a mouse and as a response try to jump on a chair causing damage to the chair and injury to himself. There is no point in telling the injured person that mice are harmless because fear is irrational so cannot be overcome by rational argument.


EU Weighs Pullback on Cutting Emissions

Commission's Energy Department Urges EU to Reconsider Energy Transition Absent a Broader Emissions Deal

By Alessandro Torello        Wall Street Journal  19. 10. 2011

BRUSSELS—The European Union is for the first time clearly questioning whether it should press ahead with long-term plans to cut greenhouse-gas emissions if other countries don't follow suit, in what could herald a significant policy shift for a region that has been at the forefront of advocating action to combat climate change.
In a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the European Commission's energy department says the EU should consider whether the region should seek to switch its domestic energy base away from carbon-emitting sources in the absence of a global climate-change deal.
"If coordinated action on climate among the main global players fails to strengthen in the next few years, the question arises how far the EU should continue with an energy-system transition oriented to decarbonization," the commission says in a draft of its Energy Roadmap 2050. The document is an effort to look at how the EU energy and climate picture would look in 2050, according to different scenarios.

Global warming? Complete Rubbish

by Michael Cox

Waikato Times

Those who witter on (to chatter or babble on pointlessly or at unnecessary length) about emissions of green-house gasses, usually come from the left side of the political spectrum. They make me mad.

Daily more scientific information shows that gases produced by us, humans and animals, are so infinitesimal in the scale of things, that to penalise ourselves is like cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

For goodness sake, we are all environmentalists, it is just that some people underpin their environmentalism with political and romantic idealism.

Over the next few weeks of the election campaign many earnest souls will berate us for ruining our world; frankly it is based on absolute unadulterated rubbish. Unfortunately we're mentally trapped into agreements made decades ago by tired politicians at eco conferences in places like Brazil.


Wind Power must give way to Gas

By Matt Ridley

Here's an article I wrote for this week's Spectator about UK energy policy. Wind must give way to gas before it ruins us all, and our landscapes.

Which would you rather have in the view from your house? A thing about the size of a domestic garage, or eight towers twice the height of Nelson’s column with blades noisily thrumming the air. The energy they can produce over ten years is similar: eight wind turbines of 2.5-megawatts (working at roughly 25% capacity) roughly equal the output of an average Pennsylvania shale gas well (converted to electricity at 50% efficiency) in its first ten years.


Green Energy Costing Consumers Billions and Returning Nothing

by Tony Elliott

Wind farms and solar power plants are costing consumers billions each year, while producing even less electricity "if that is at all possible". Power companies who supply us with electricity are constantly raising rates, primarily because wind and solar generated electricity costs so much more than power from coal. Americans from coast to coast are faced with outrageous electricity bills each month, because of the high costs and government taxes associated with green energy endeavors. Yet with all the extra costs, we are getting nothing in return.

NZ Election 2011- Party Climate Change Policies

The National Party's introduction of an Emissions Trading Scheme aroused the ire of a considerable number of New Zealanders who know that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fallacy.

Many people who have loyally supported the National Party for years have declared their intention of never voting for National again.


EU Carbon Trading Rocked By Mass Killings

The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations in Honduras is forcing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) executive board to reconsider its stakeholder consultation processes.

In Brussels, the reported killings have triggered European policymakers into action, with Green MEP Bas Eickhout calling the alleged human rights abuses "a disgrace".

The Dutch member of the European Parliament told EurActiv he would be pushing the European Commission to bar carbon credits from the plantations from being used under the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Several members of the CDM board have been "personally distressed" by the events in Bajo Aguán, northern Honduras, according to the board's chairman, Martin Hession, who said they had "caused us great difficulties."


NZ paying price for going it alone on ETS

NZ Climate Science Coalition media release, 15 September 2011

“New Zealand’s carbon market is paying the price for relying on the world’s sole national  emissions trading scheme (ETS),” said Hon Barry Brill, chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. “All of the world’s sub-prime carbon credits are flooding in, and the value of carbon dioxide has already slumped to $13 per tonne.


ETS: Just Scrap It – ACT

ACT New Zealand Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen today called on the Government to drop the pretence and scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme altogether after the ETS Review Panel report recommended delaying the introduction of the energy, transport, industrial and agricultural sectors into the scheme.


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