Green Energy Costing Consumers Billions and Returning Nothing

by Tony Elliott

Wind farms and solar power plants are costing consumers billions each year, while producing even less electricity "if that is at all possible". Power companies who supply us with electricity are constantly raising rates, primarily because wind and solar generated electricity costs so much more than power from coal. Americans from coast to coast are faced with outrageous electricity bills each month, because of the high costs and government taxes associated with green energy endeavors. Yet with all the extra costs, we are getting nothing in return.
It is estimated that both the United States and the rest of the world only get less than 1% of electricity from solar power. An example of the waste of time and money with solar power is the Nellis Solar Power Plant at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. Here we have one of the largest solar photovoltaic systems in the world. The plant sits on 140 acres, leased by the base and supposedly supplies some 30 million kilowatt hours each year. However, it is estimated that only 25% of the total electricity used at the base comes from this monstrosity. Similar to wind farms, most solar power plants require massive amounts of acreage to generate what minute amount of electricity they do, and cost the consumer outrageous amounts of money while actually returning nothing.
Even with government subsidies and other incentives offered by power companies and solar panel companies the cost to the average consumer for installing solar panels and equipment on their homes and businesses is anywhere from a high bid of $30,000 or more depending on location to the lowest price of $14,000 or less depending on location. Thus, it will take many years before such investments pay for themselves and in most cases they never will, considering the costs of any repairs and replacement of parts.
If the solar power industry is ever to succeed, it needs to improve the manner in which it generates power. With the current level of technology, it isn't happening. Solar power companies need to magnify the sun's energy with something as simple as a huge magnifying glass to increase the level of incoming solar radiation and develop panels capable of handling the increased concentrated radiation. 
Unlike wind energy, which actually uses more power from the grid than it produces, solar power has a chance of becoming a useful source of electricity if the ways and means of getting and storing the sun's radiation drastically improve. However, in this economy consumers should not have to foot the bill for green technology that is still in the infantile stage of development. What the Federal government needs to do is go back to the drawing board on solar power and shut down all but a few solar power plants, which should only be used as experimental plants for securing better production.
Wind farms need to be scrapped altogether as failed projects that disturb the environment, kill wild life and offer nothing in return.
It is time for consumers to quit paying for green energy projects that offer big promises and supply nothing. 
With the price of electricity bills amounting into the hundreds each month on an average for medium to large families and increases coming every year to fund green energy. It is time consumers demand that green energy projects be removed from commercial use and considered scientific research facilities until which time they can be productive enough energy to actually make a difference. 
In some areas in California, the average monthly electricity bill consists of over 50% green energy related charges on top of kwh usage. Thus, one is faced with having to pay for additional charges entirely unrelated to electrical usage that amount to above the amount of electricity used.
Here in Texas, power companies are raising rates on an average of every two years to help fund green energy. This would be acceptable if it weren't for the fact that all the green energy produced in Texas would have a hard time keeping a town the size of Pecos in lights for longer than a few days.
Green energy is an economic disaster to all countries that have chosen to embrace it. This can be seen with countries in Europe where economy's are literally bankrupt from funding green energy projects which supply very little, cost all involved insane amounts and drive the economy down by limiting vital industry through restrictions, higher taxes and what amounts to governmental sanctions.
In the 1970s, catalytic converters were introduced and embraced by environmentalists for cutting pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons and limiting smog. However, today these same environmentalists continue their assault on industry and commerce by wanting restrictions on the very gas their catalytic converters were made to produce instead of dangerous pollutants, which is CO2 above other gasses like N2 and H2O. What this amounts to is the environmental movement's attempt to simply limit further what industry there is left. 
Aside from environmental extortion on industry, we in the US have suffered economic disaster from trade laws such as NAFTA. In the decades since NAFTA and other trade agreements were made, the US has lost enough industry to account for over 2 million jobs permanently disappearing because they were moved overseas. We now face double-digit unemployment with the Federal government warning of impending recession. I do not know about anyone else but I think when the unemployment reaches double digits and inflation is rampant as it is now, we're in a recession. The next step is Depression.
The people of America need to realize that the main goal of the environmental movement is to destroy the economy by making it financially impossible to do business here. NAFTA and other trade agreements have a nucleus based in the interest of environmentalists.
Al Gore was the biggest activist for NAFTA and mainly responsible for getting it passed. Now out of political life, Gore Crusades for his Global Warming/Climate Change Lies, in the quest to further degrade the economy.
If anyone else did the damage to the US that Al Gore has, they would surely be arrested on war crimes. It's time this clown pays for the damage done, not only in the US but elsewhere as well. He needs to go on trial and prove without a shadow of a doubt that his GW/CC is real. This would be impossible however, because it is a theory and it is being disproven every day.
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