Unions, Buffett, Robber Barons and Cronies Now Have Our Oil, Oh My

Note: This article was sent to us last week, but we have since received a 'balancing' letter which, in the interests of fairness, we have published below it.
By John Ransom
Jan 25, 2012
It’s already been widely reported that Warren Buffett, a major shareholder in Obama, Inc. will be one of the primary beneficiaries of the decision from the White House to kill the Keystone pipeline and the jobs it would create.
The administration now makes no attempt at all to disguise the fact that most decisions he makes are made in the best interest of Obama, Inc. shareholders.
Buffett’s railroad, the BNSF Railway- now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Obama, Inc.- in a remarkable coincidence, will instead, apparently and patriotically, transport Canadian oil to the US at only a slight premium to the oil companies than it would have cost to transport via the Keystone pipeline.
Ohmygosh. What a fortunate coincidence for all of us. Maybe now Buffett’s secretary will be able to afford the higher tax bracket her jerk-off boss puts her in and she won’t have to decide between her medication and cat food.     

To John Key from Jack B 4 January 2012

4th January 2012


Dr N Smith                               cc The Prime Minister

Minister for Climate Change         Rt Hon John Key

Parliament Bldgs                           Parliament Bldgs

Wellington                                    Wellington


Dear Dr Smith,


Your letter of Jun 30 2010


The book Air Con (post Climategate Copenhagen edition) returned unread


The Canadian withdrawal from Kyoto and your response


ETS Committee called to consider rate of implementation and quality of data – also returned my book unread.


Your Quote within the book when the massive fraud was being discovered


Your response to Canadian withdrawal from Kyoto



Minister, with the greatest respect you’re a zealot with your head in the sand. For a man with a doctorate on an issue such as this that is really quite shameful. However your response to the Canadian withdrawal was so pathetic, mealy mouthed and weak that I suspect you may be developing a little cynicism regarding what you’ve been fed and may now choose to do some research yourself. I truly hope so!


Will Tony Abbott Cave in on the Carbon Tax?

Will Tony Abbott leave us

Legless and Powerless in the Global Storms?

by Viv Forbes & Helpers


A print-ready copy of this issue of "Carbon Sense" can be downloaded from:


2 January 2012

Climate Alarmism has clearly peaked and is sliding into oblivion.

Their “science” has collapsed and the public is losing their alarm.
But all the toxic laws passed during the mania now have to be repealed.
That is where the danger now lurks - the danger of complacency and the seductive sirens of the vested interests.

Please pass this on.



Some at the big end of town are worried that Mr Abbott may keep his solemn promise to repeal the carbon tax. No doubt they and their smart lawyers fear losing the clever green schemes that rely on ripping off tax payers, consumers and other businesses.


Bryan Leyland- Climate Change Article

by Bryan Leyland
An enormous amount of misinformation has come out of the climate conference in Durban and from the likes of Greenpeace. These people, backed by a small group of extremist climate scientists, refuse to consider the proposition that the climate changes naturally and that any man-made climate influence is small. Instead, they endlessly tell us that the world is warming rapidly, that the warming will be dangerous, that sea levels are rising rapidly and that if we get a temperature increase of 2° we will reach a “tipping point" that will cause untold damage to the world.
None of these statements are in line with the latest science either from the IPCC or from independent climate scientists who have looked closely at the evidence.



Thou Shalt Not Question UN Experts

By Kelvin Kemm

Dec 18, 2011

British Lord Christopher Monckton parachuting into Durban, South Africa, to challenge UN climate crisis claims, brought numerous journalists and onlookers to the beaches where he landed. A 20-foot banner across our press conference table gave the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow further opportunities to present realistic perspectives on the science and economics of climate change.

CFACT played by the rules, obtained the necessary permits beforehand, and ensured that its message was heard throughout the seventeenth annual climate conference (COP-17). Greenpeace, on the other hand, got no permits before staging an Occupy Durban protest in the hallway outside the plenary session – and got kicked out of the conference.

Not Climate Change business, but important nonetheless

The most important thing you can do this week, before Christmas. NZ Food Bill is unconscionable


There is a piece of legislation going through NZ parliament at the
moment called the Food Bill. There is not much information in the
media because the media aren’t or can’t talk about it. It will be
snuck through faster than a greasy pig while we are on holidays in
January.  We need action now to get 50,000 signatures – already nearly
13,000 have signed – not enough and we potentially have less than TWO

Some parts of this bill involve change that is good.  But some parts
are completely insane/horrendous and have the potential to compromise
your health in the future, because they reduce the ability for small
food producers to produce and give away/sell seeds and food.  And it
would be policed by Food Officers, not needing a warrant, not
government employees, & apparently having immunity from civil or
criminal prosecution!  This is in the legislation!


In a letter sent to Chris Huhne today, Lord Lawson and Lord Turnbull respond to the Secretary of State's letter of 18 November (


Dear Secretary of State
25 November 2011

We are pleased that you have decided that a public response to growing criticism of your climate policies is now required. We regret, however, that you do not address our main arguments and key concerns. Neither are we impressed by evidently ill-advised assertions.

For a start, you make the mistake of connecting the reality of 20th century global warming, which no one doubts, with the various causes for it. You claim that the evidence for man's influence is getting stronger every year, yet you fail to provide any empirical evidence for this statement.

Durban: what the media are not telling you

by Christopher, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Durban, South Africa

DURBAN, South Africa -- “No high hopes for Durban.” “Binding treaty unlikely.” “No deal this year.” Thus ran the headlines. The profiteering UN bureaucrats here think otherwise. Their plans to establish a world government paid for by the West on the pretext of dealing with the non-problem of “global warming” are now well in hand. As usual, the mainstream media have simply not reported what is in the draft text which the 194 states parties to the UN framework convention on climate change are being asked to approve.

Behind the scenes, throughout the year since Cancun, the now-permanent bureaucrats who have made highly-profitable careers out of what they lovingly call “the process” have been beavering away at what is now a 138-page document. Its catchy title is "Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action Under the Convention -- Update of the amalgamation of draft texts in preparation of [one imagines they mean 'for'] a comprehensive and balanced outcome to be presented to the Conference of the Parties for adoption at its seventeenth session: note by the Chair.” In plain English, these are the conclusions the bureaucracy wants.


The second shoe has dropped! Climategate 2

NZ Climate Science Coalition- media release- 24 November 2011

The release of over 5,000 emails sent by IPCC scientists provides irrefutable evidence that their goals were political, rather than scientific” said Hon Barry Brill, chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

 “The IPCC cannot function credibly unless there is a clean sweep of these conspirators, before the 2014 report comes out” said Mr Brill.

“At the COP17 conference in Durban, next week, the BASIC countries will decline to reduce emissions until the 2014 IPCC report is published” said Mr Brill. “This makes it particularly important that the new report actually deals with objective science and is above suspicion.”

 “An initial batch of emails (Climategate 1) was released in 2009 on the eve of the COP15 Copenhagen conference, and was widely regarded as undermining IPCC theories regarding dangerous man-made global warming.



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