The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate

'Abandon focus on sound science', say trick-cyclists
By Lewis Page
A US government-funded survey has found that Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more sceptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens.
The results of the survey are especially remarkable as it was plainly not intended to show any such thing: Rather, the researchers and trick-cyclists who carried it out were doing so from the position that the "scientific consensus" (carbon-driven global warming is ongoing and extremely dangerous) is a settled fact, and the priority is now to find some way of getting US voters to believe in the need for urgent, immediate and massive action to reduce CO2 emissions.

Allies Today, Enemies Tomorrow? Inside The Green War On Big Labor
by Andrew Langer 12 June 2012
With some polls showing Barack Obama down five points to Mitt Romney, it’s clear that Americans are far from convinced that the president deserves a second term in office. But as Obama ramps up his re-election campaign he can find solace in the fact that key members of his coalition, namely the green movement and labor unions, have decided to stand by his candidacy.
In announcing his re-election, the president has repeatedly stressed the importance of green jobs and exhaustive environmental regulations, measures taken over Obama’s term in office to appease one of his key constituencies. The pandering quickly paid off last month as Obama racked up the endorsement of green crusaders Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Clean Water Action and Environment America. The same is true of labor unions. Despite his best efforts to get card check legislation passed in Congress, labor unions are still backing their guy. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka reportedly has “unfettered access” to the president, visiting the White House some 71 times since the president was sworn in over three years ago. But not everything is well in the once blissful Obama coalition, with green groups and labor unions on opposite ends in a number of key debates.

Delingpole: Lovelock getting wiser in his 90's

Lovelock goes mad for shale gas

By James Delingpole  June 16th, 2012
Lovelock: growing wiser with old age
"The Telegraph"
A glorious interview with James Lovelock in today's Guardian. Essential reading for everyone, greens especially. In it, the inventor of Gaia theory and godfather of modern environmentalism declares that wind farms are hideous, renewables are a waste of space, nuclear power is good, sea level rises aren't a worry, environmentalism has replaced Christianity as the global religion and that we should all be "going mad on" shale gas, which he considers our best energy hope for the immediate future.
My favourite line, though is this one:
"I'm neither strongly left nor right, but I detest the Liberal Democrats."
Needless to say the eco-nuts who congregate beneath Komment Macht Frei are going mental. One commenter calls him an "evil bastard". Several others say they always thought Gaia theory was total rubbish anyway and suggest that at 92 Lovelock has probably started to lose his marbles.
Really? All sounds perfectly sensible to me.

Wind Farms- Rupert Wyndham to Bishop of Exeter letter 14 June 2012

14 June 2012.

Rt. Rev. Michael Langrish

Bishop of Exeter

The Bishop's Office

The Palace

Exeter, EX1 1HY


Dear Bishop Langrish

Earlier in the week I listened to what you had to say following the welcome decision to withdraw the diocese's application to erect wind turbines in Devon. I see that your remarks have now been republished in The Daily Telegraph. In particular, it is striking that you consider that you and your staff were subjected to abuse by objectors. Well, I was not part of any such exchanges and do not condone, in your own words, 'bullying tactics'. On the other hand, I cannot help pointing out - to a churchman and so an ethical standard bearer, most especially - that such tactics are an absolutely routine component of the dialectical arsenal favoured by climate change proselytisers, amongst whose ranks the prelatariat of all denominations have constituted a prominent and discreditable cadre of alarmist partisans. Accordingly, whilst I will certainly not stoop to the use of opprobrious language, neither do I have any intention of pulling punches simply in deference to 'the cloth', if I may so put it.


Wheels Coming Off Wind Energy Gravy Train

Monday, 14 May 2012 Marita Noon

And subsidy-dependent wind energy supporters are running scared  

The wind energy industry has been having a hard time. The taxpayer funding that has kept it alive for the last twenty years is coming to an end, and those promoting the industry are panicking.  Perhaps this current wave started when one of Big Wind’s most noted supporters, T. Boone Pickens, said in an MSNBC interview, “I’m in the wind business…. I lost my ass in the business.”

But the industry’s fortunes didn’t get any better when the Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial titled, “Gouged by the wind,” in which they stated: “With natural gases not far from $2 per million BTU, the competitiveness of wind power is highly suspect.” Citing a study on renewable energy mandates, the WSJ noted that states with renewable energy mandates “paid 31.9% more for electricity than states without them.”


Left vs. right? That's really so 18th century

Published in The Dominion Post (Wellington), 21 May 2012


Leaving political polarisations behind would open a path to a much more constructive dialogue.
As a newcomer to New Zealand, one of the biggest surprises to me was the degree of polarisation I perceived in its political discourse. In the complex world of 21st century globalisation the way in which debates are still conducted as "Left versus Right" is not only anachronistic. It almost guarantees that we will not find good answers to the challenges of our time. Such answers can only be based on empirical evidence. Political namecalling will not get us anywhere.
It was in the course of the French Revolution that political parties began to emerge, which then positioned themselves along a Left-right scale. The world has changed dramatically since the days of Hebert, Danton and Robespierre. But though nobody still rides in horse-drawn carriages or writes with feathers and quills any more, we cling on to the political labels developed in their days.

The last ditch stand for the climate propagandists - that means you, too

Dear Editor,


You’re pretty entrenched in the “catastrophic human-induced global warming” fraud, aren’t you?

What would it take to cause you to actually behave like an investigative institution?

Michael Mann, who you have just given a platform to peddle “last-ditch-stand” propaganda, should have lost all his credibility long ago, when he and his colleagues were outed for their disgraceful data manipulation; and conspiracy to “hide the decline”, the manipulation of scientific research publication processes, and such like.

Skeptical Certainty winning the battle

The visiting author – and Spectator columnist – threatens the religion of man-made global warming
The Spectator - Australian Edition
Tim Blair 28 April 2012
During Mark Steyn’s recent local tour, the Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen joined him on stage in Sydney to discuss, among other things, why current conservative pundits seem to be winning the battle against their ideological rivals. Confidence, Janet confidently suggested. The secure tone of these conservatives has the dual effect of winning audiences and infuriating leftists. It’s a confidence borne of some considerable effort; Steyn and others may have the tone nailed down, but it’s backed up by near-obsessive gathering of facts.
And it is having a measurable effect, which is more than anyone can say for atmospheric CO2. Perhaps made soft by decades of cultural primacy, established leftists seem ill-equipped to deal with opponents whose skills were sharpened during the rise of the Internet, a forum for argument that sometimes resembles a three-ambulance night at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. When these abilities are brought to the slower-moving worlds of party politics and traditional media, little wonder that the old-school left ends up being loaded into the meat wagon. Or the geothermal nationalised health-care vegan buggy, in the case of global warming hysterics, who more than any other group during the past ten years have suffered at the hands of the ascendant right.

Submission to ETS Review Panel (#4)

NZCPR Submission on the Emissions Trading Scheme Review


Dr Muriel Newman on behalf of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research




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