The second shoe has dropped! Climategate 2

NZ Climate Science Coalition- media release- 24 November 2011

The release of over 5,000 emails sent by IPCC scientists provides irrefutable evidence that their goals were political, rather than scientific” said Hon Barry Brill, chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

 “The IPCC cannot function credibly unless there is a clean sweep of these conspirators, before the 2014 report comes out” said Mr Brill.

“At the COP17 conference in Durban, next week, the BASIC countries will decline to reduce emissions until the 2014 IPCC report is published” said Mr Brill. “This makes it particularly important that the new report actually deals with objective science and is above suspicion.”

 “An initial batch of emails (Climategate 1) was released in 2009 on the eve of the COP15 Copenhagen conference, and was widely regarded as undermining IPCC theories regarding dangerous man-made global warming.



“Subsequent official reviews have been criticised as ‘whitewashes’, particularly as various key emails were not investigated or explained. The latest batch of emails throws more light on those very issues, and will demand that the reviews be re-opened.

 “The new emails show that IPCC climate scientists sifted the available evidence to discard items that don’t fit their chosen narrative” said Mr Brill.“ Internally, they admit to serious doubts about their own climate reconstructions, their models and their hockey stick graphs. But externally, they use their combined power to suppress any contrary opinions.”

 “The emails may be downloaded at

 “In the wake of Climategate 1, public support for ‘climate change’ policies eroded rapidly all around the world. People were worried that news reports and commentaries were blatantly one-sided, so they came to believe that political correctness had taken over” said Mr Brill. “In USA, 69% consider that scientists have exaggerated the threat. Pew surveyed 111 countries, finding a majority of ‘unbelievers’ in all cases.”

“Climategate 2 will further boost the expanding ranks of climate agnostics.” 


This week also has seen a report by leading environmental economist Ross McKitirick - “What’s Wrong With The IPCC?”. The ex-prime minister of Australia Hon John Howard, who is a climate agnostic, says in his foreword:

 The intellectual bullying, which has been a feature of the behaviour of some global warming zealots, makes this report necessary reading if there is to be an objective assessment of all of the arguments. The attempt of many to close down the debate is disgraceful, and must be resisted.”

That report may be downloaded at

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