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Rain Forests significant producer of Nitrous Oxide



“ We project that Basin-wide, the effect of clearing for pasture in the future will be a small reduction in total N2O emissions if the extensive pastures of the Amazon continue to be managed in a way similar to current practices.”

This conclusion from a study in Brazil gives an indication of the extent of emissions from rainforests. 

N2O emissions from rainforests range from 1.7-4.3 kg N/ha

N2O emissions from recently cleared foest now in pasture 3.1-5.1 kg N/ha

N2O emissions from pasture over 6 years old 0.1-0.4kg N/ha (a big reduction because the soils dry out over the years after being in forest where they are very wet)

It is amazing that there is all this fuss over N2O from pasture in NZ and they ignore the bigger culprit. Rainforests cover 13% of the Earth so their production of N2O is huge.We don’t have rain forests here but we do have forests. Our forests are not as large a producer but they are a producer and their emissions are so far being ignored. It is a pity they don’t ignore agricultural N2O as well.


Colmar Brunton Survey: 'No' to farm animals in ETS

Federated Farmers media release

23 September 2009
A Colmar Brunton national survey of 1004 respondents has found only 29 percent of respondents back the inclusion of agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  The survey was undertaken in mid-September following the National/Maori Party accommodation.
“This Colmar Brunton survey is a big wake-up call for Government following this week’s UN climate summit in New York,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.
“43 percent of people believe New Zealand’s agricultural sector should be excluded from the ETS if other countries don’t include their agricultural sector as well. 

Kiwi Carbon Haze- from the Wall St Journal

To the annals of global warming lunacy, add this gem from New Zealand:
According to a parliamentary committee, Kiwis should accept lower standards
of living to protect the national image abroad.

The findings of the "Emissions Trading Review Committee" aren't binding, but
they tell much about how deep today's green religion runs. New Zealand has a
nominally conservative government run by Prime Minister John Key. But even
Mr. Key won't consider completely disavowing environmental taxes in the form
of cap and trade—he just wants to soften them. He ordered a parliamentary
committee last year to figure out how.

Fight ETS together, farmer says.

Fight ETS together, farmer says
By Blair Ensor - The Marlborough Express

Last updated 13:25 09/09/2009

Farmers need to organise the biggest protest ever seen in New Zealand to
stop the proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS), according to Avon Valley
farmer Ralph Mason.

Mr Mason, speaking at the latest monthly Marlborough Federated Farmers
meeting, said he believed 90 per cent of the public would support farmers,
"or we have just got to refuse to pay it".

Across the Tasman-they have their own climate change problems.....

Save farmers from Great Barrier Reef swindle

Recent media outbursts that the Great Barrier Reef faces catastrophic danger from climate change and ocean acidification are based on piggybacking a fraud on top of a fraud.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Federal Environment minister Peter Garrett’s reef protection plan signed off on last week will force farmers off the land under the guise of protecting water quality for the reef under “climate stress”.

ETS questions in Parliament 15 Sept 09

Morning all,

ETS got a good going over in Question Time in Parliament yesterday.
There were four questions.

ETS Announcement a mixed bag for Agriculture-Federated Farmers press release


Just last week, the Wall Street Journal described New Zealand’s climate variation response as ‘lunacy’. The Government hasn’t listened to this advice and today’s announcement confirming agriculture will be included in the ETS is highly disappointing.
“This announcement means farmers will not only have to pay additional costs on their energy inputs like other businesses, but will also have to pay for their animals’ emissions,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

Tulip Bulbs and Global Warming


Mania can be variously described as a vehement passion or as a certain kind of madness that tends to inflict the population from time to time. The latest mania to inflict our world is in the form of the now ubiquitous “emissions trading scheme” or ETS – hailed as the next big thing- the way of the future- the saviour of the planet- not to mention the human race.

Green Sheep in the Brave New World

Edited selections from Sherana Sheep Report No 11

“Green Sheep in the Brave New World”

May 2008.

1. The Big Diversion
People have been sending emails and phoning to ask Mother of All Things “Why have the sheep newsletters
stopped -have you sacked that useless Rouseabout?” Nope, he is still here -just easily diverted.

And what a diversion.

Rouseabout was foolish enough to look into the global warming arguments and has been indignant ever
since. “Those fools say that carbon dioxide, the rare but crucial natural atmospheric gas that sustains all life,
is a pollutant that is going to cause the world to fry. Worse still, they want us to stop using carbon fuels
(wood, coal, oil, gas and candles) and eliminate our farting and belching friends, sheep and cattle.”

CLIMATE REALITY launches online

A new global warming magazine has launched online. The good news is that
it’s free. The better news is that each month it will pull together a
selection of key news updates and blog postings, so you don’t miss
important developments in the debate.


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