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Crunch-time for the initiators of the man-made global warming theory- or is it?

There is nothing so strange as the truth of scientific evidence, nor as maligned, as a means to an end -- the power and control over man.
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 TIA Daily February 21, 2010


What's Left Without Global Warming?

by Robert Tracinski

With apologies to

I mean all of this stuff about how we have to restructure our entire society to avoid man-made global warming—what was it all really about? Was it ever really about global warming? Or was it really about restructuring our society, for which global warming was just an excuse?

That's what we have to start asking in the wake of Climategate.

It is not just that Climategate—the e-mails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit at Britain's University of East Anglia, and the subsequent investigations they unleashed—has revealed that the "settled science" of global warming was riddled with errors, based on questionable data and false assumptions, and distorted by conformity, bullying, and groupthink.

Australian Vote on ETS to be delayed until May

February 23, 2010
THE future of the government’s emissions trading scheme was in disarray  last night with claims the Senate vote on the legislation could be delayed until May.
The possible delay, the result of the Opposition blocking a procedural vote on timing in the Senate, has further frustrated the government’s attempts to  establish a double dissolution election trigger on its amended climate legislation.

Clean coal technology - what an absolute con by our Canberra myth- makers!

Coal Driven Power Stations and Carbon Dioxide

This article appeared in Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (Queensland, Australia) on 22 Dec 2009

The Editor

The Morning Bulletin

I have sat by for a number of years frustrated at the rubbish being put forth about carbon dioxide [CO²] emissions, thermal coal fired power stations and renewable energy, and the ridiculous yet farcical emissions trading scheme. Frustration at the lies told [particularly during the election] about global pollution.

Massive bill after failed UN meeting

By GRAHAME ARMSTRONG - Sunday Star Times

Last updated 05:00 14/02/2010

The 34 New Zealand bureaucrats, advisers and government ministers who attended the failed United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December generated a lot of hot air – and ran up an estimated $685,000 bill for taxpayers.

Figures obtained by the Sunday Star-Times under the Official Information Act show that sending the Kiwi delegation to the two-week conference cost taxpayers an average $20,147 for each person, including airfares, hotel accommodation and meals.

Unpublished letter to the Listener, by Phil Hayward

Saturday, January 23rd 2010

Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for printing my letter on the Global Warming fraud. I would be grateful for a chance to respond to some of your correspondents arguments about my claims.

Letter to The Press from Brian G 25 January 2010

When the honeymoon is over will John Key be considered N.Z.s worst prime minster?

His ETS scam  passed through Parliament at great haste by bribing  the minor Maori  Party (55000 votes 2008 election).

He did this using crown land  and tax payer money- the irony of which is so he could charge these same tax payers more tax.

China has 'open mind' about cause of climate change

China's most senior climate change official surprised a summit in India when he questioned whether global warming is caused by carbon gas emissions and said Beijing is keeping an "open mind".

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi
Published: 11:00PM GMT 24 Jan 2010

Xie Zhenhua was speaking at a summit between the developing world's most powerful countries, India, Brazil, South Africa and China, which is now the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, the gas believed to be responsible for climate change.
The four countries have joined forces to intensify pressure on the United States and Europe to fulfil promises to cut their emissions and give more than $10 billion (£6.2 billion) to those countries worst affected by climate change by the end of this year.
Environment ministers from the four countries voiced their frustration at the US for failing to lead the way with carbon emission reductions despite being responsible for much of the emissions most scientists believe to be the cause of global warming.
But Mr Xie, China's vice-chairman of national development and reforms commission, later said although mainstream scientific opinion blames emissions from industrial development for climate change, China is not convinced.

How Met Office blocked questions on its own man's role in 'hockey stick'

By David Rose
Last updated at 8:20 AM on 07th February 2010

The Meteorological Office is blocking public scrutiny of the central
role played by its top climate scientist in a highly controversial
report by the beleaguered United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change.

Professor John Mitchell, the Met Office's Director of Climate Science,
shared responsibility for the most worrying headline in the 2007 Nobel
Prize-winning IPCC report - that the Earth is now hotter than at any
time in the past 1,300 years.

And he approved the inclusion in the report of the famous 'hockey stick'
graph, showing centuries of level or declining temperatures until a
steep 20th Century rise.


February 7, 2010

CHURCHVILLE, VA—India is setting up its own climate research unit because it no longer trusts the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I’ve been predicting such a move for years—partly due to the IPCC’s biased science, but more because India simply cannot afford to curtail its desperately needed and energy-powered economic growth. India’s government’s stability depends on expanding prosperity for the all of its people. That means more energy, and over half of India’s electricity comes from coal.  
Carried to its extreme, the global warming scare would pressure India to give up the nitrogen fertilizer that feeds nearly half its population—and even slaughter its 200 million sacred cows, which daily produce huge amounts of the greenhouse gas methane. Either would cause widespread rioting.

Environmentalism's Berlin Wall

From TIA Daily

The last week has seen an important change in the coverage of Climategate in the British press—a change that is likely to make it over to this side of the Atlantic and begin to influence the American press. Jack Wakeland sent me the following comments, which he said should be reviewed by someone who is "slightly less excited." I'm not sure that I qualify. Here are Jack's remarks:

"The Times and Daily Telegraph have launched a newspaperman's crusade against the IPCC's 'Glaciergate.' Both papers are reporting extensively in numerous stories about mistaken, false, and biased findings about glaciers in the IPCC's 2007 climate change report.

"All of these newspaper stories are being printed as straight news, not analysis, commentary, or opinion. This is a sea change. Gone are the days that fraudulent environmentalist scare stories and pseudo-scientific proofs of 'global warming' will be printed as straight news in the major British press, not without the other side—the side of rational and objective science—getting the straight news coverage first.


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