Letter to The Press from Brian G 25 January 2010

When the honeymoon is over will John Key be considered N.Z.s worst prime minster?

His ETS scam  passed through Parliament at great haste by bribing  the minor Maori  Party (55000 votes 2008 election).

He did this using crown land  and tax payer money- the irony of which is so he could charge these same tax payers more tax.

This tax is to somehow to stop man made global warming by CO2 emissions- a claim, although billion of taxes and funding has been thrown at it, which has never been proven in fact. In theoretical physics and engineering thermodynamics  is impossible.

The ETS scam has been calculated to cost N.Z. citizens  6 billion dollars annually and will not have any effect on earth's climate.

It  seems to be a gigantic fraud on the tax payers and citizens of NZ,

Yours sincerely Brian G