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World Authority On Sea Level, Dr Nils-Axel Mörner Says It Is Not Rising

By Clare Swinney

The sea level is not rising says Dr Nils-Axel Mörner, a Swedish geologist and physicist, who has worked for 40 years in this area, written 190 peer-reviewed scientific papers and was formerly the chairman of the INQUA International Commission on Sea Level Change.




Formal Complaint about Behaviour of University of Melbourne Professor

Malcolm Roberts

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


The Hon. Alex Chernov


8th Floor, Raymond Priestley Building

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne VIC 3010


Dear Mr Chernov:

The Climate Change Circus

Casey's Research.

Someone told me about this video, but I had to see it myself… which I finally did this morning. It’s the opening video for the Copenhagen Climate Change Circus.

If you want to understand how psychologically aberrant the individuals behind this movement are – how gullible and dangerous – this video is a must (albeit painful) watch

The parallels with the end time evangelicals who believe Armageddon is right around the corner is eerie. But with one important difference: the EEEs don’t have a seat at the table with the world’s politicians, a seat they are using to make over the world to suit their Luddite aspirations. 

Since this whole topic of manmade global warming refuses to go quietly into the night, and because the consequences of trying to “fix” it by redistributing wealth are so dire, I’ll weigh in with what I hope is a useful perspective.

Aussie ETS dumped, what now for New Zealand?

Federated Farmers Media release

2 December 2009


The Opposition controlled Australian Senate has voted down the Australian Emissions Trading scheme for a second time - 41 votes to 33.  Being a second rejection, it is now likely to trigger a double dissolution election, likely to be held in March 2010.
“The fate of the Australian ETS is now up in the air and all pretence of alignment with New Zealand’s is gone with it,” says Don Nicolson, President of Federated Farmers.

The Worst Scientific Scandal of our Generation

TIA Daily

Commentary by Robert Tracinski

1. "The Worst Scientific Scandal of Our Generation"

Climategate has now started to become fodder for satire, including an amusing new song from Minnesotans for Global Warming (whom you may remember from a previous song extolling the benefits of global warming for residents of northern Minnesota).

The Daily Telegraph's James Delingpole—whom the paper credits with first using the term "Climategate"—has a follow-up post on the best "dog ate my homework" excuses from global warming advocates.

If Climate “Researchers” Became Doctors

Posted by Tom Naughton in Media Nonsense, People Are Nuts, Politics


“Step up on the scale, Mr. Naughton.”

“Sure, Doctor. I’m looking forward to seeing this myself.”

“Let’s see … slide this over a bit … hmm, pretty bad. Your weight is up again.”

“Uh … Doctor, you mind getting your foot off the scale?”

Martin Gibson

New Zealand politicians have an inglorious history of sacrificing our people and surrendering national sovereignty in the hope of getting trade windfalls, then framing it in terms of the global good.
In World War 1, New Zealanders were placed under the command of Britain’s aristocrat generals, who grimly marched them toward
machine guns to put on jolly good shows, then ordered them shot when they got shell shock.
The sacrifice of our best and brightest was necessary to maintain the freedom and dignity of humanity, we were told, and the men running the show lied about Germans bayoneting babies until we policed ourselves, handing white feathers to those who dared question the orgy of death.

Letter from Christopher Essex to Daniel Henninger

Quadrant Magazine

December 7, 2009

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by Daniel Henninger critical of scientists who allowed the culture of Climategate to develop in their professions.

Christopher Essex, a leading Canadian applied mathematician and award-winning author, has written to Henninger. 

Dear Daniel

My friend Willie Soon passed on an article from your “Wonder Land” column. It’s very good. It is an angle that I have anticipated for a very long time.

Wonderland is certainly where I have been trapped for more than twenty years. But it is not nearly as nice as Alice’s version. Thoughts of the inquisition come to mind instead.

Column - Will Rudd pay the UN $7 billion?


Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, November 04, 2009 at 07:20am
NEXT month Kevin Rudd flies to Copenhagen to help seal a United Nations deal to cut the world’s emissions - and to make Australia hand over part of its wealth
So keen is the Prime Minister to get this new global-warming treaty signed that he’s been appointed a “friend of the chairman” to tie up loose ends.
So here’s the question: is Rudd really going to approve a draft treaty that could force Australia to hand over an astonishing $7 billion a year to a new and unelected global authority?

Damn Hockey’s soul

Andrew Bolt

Monday, November 30, 2009 at 09:35am



You think Joe Hockey will be much better on Kevin Rudd’s Great Green Tax on Everything - or in much else?

Glenn Milne describes the man’s agonising over what to do aboutl a tax that will do nothing but cost Australians money and jobs, and which is opposed by most Liberals:

Behind closed doors Hockey has already been wrestling with the dilemmas raised by Turnbull… He has recognised that if even for the moment he pushes off the ETS to a Senate inquiry how does he deal with it after that and stay true to himself? ”Can I sell my soul? “ he has asked colleagues.

What? A Great Green Tax involves his soul?  How about involving his brain instead?


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