The Climate Change Circus

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Someone told me about this video, but I had to see it myself… which I finally did this morning. It’s the opening video for the Copenhagen Climate Change Circus.

If you want to understand how psychologically aberrant the individuals behind this movement are – how gullible and dangerous – this video is a must (albeit painful) watch

The parallels with the end time evangelicals who believe Armageddon is right around the corner is eerie. But with one important difference: the EEEs don’t have a seat at the table with the world’s politicians, a seat they are using to make over the world to suit their Luddite aspirations. 

Since this whole topic of manmade global warming refuses to go quietly into the night, and because the consequences of trying to “fix” it by redistributing wealth are so dire, I’ll weigh in with what I hope is a useful perspective.

Let me start by asking you a question.

If the world were shown to have been hotter in pre-industrial times when mankind’s environmental influence was almost non-existent, you’d have to agree the anthropogenic (manmade) argument doesn’t hold water, right? 

Further, if the data proved warming as a natural phenomenon, occurring time and again, over the eons, then no one in their right mind would recommend crippling global economic development with draconian taxes and regulations deliberately designed to hamstring essential industries, right? They certainly wouldn’t advocate gifting corrupt leaders of underdeveloped countries with hundreds of billions of dollars to keep them that way – condemning their populations to the unhappy role of actors in living history displays, the cost of their daily sustenance picked up by developed-country taxpayers.

This argument – that the current global warming, such as it is, is unprecedented and therefore should be viewed as a direct result of mankind’s parasitic presence on this planet – seems to be at the crux of the current debate. 

Proof of that can be seen in a strategy now being widely deployed by warming alarmists who dismiss the Climategate emails with a wave of the hand and a derisive sound bite, “Regardless of what the skeptics say, the world is undergoing an unprecedented period of warming. That is all that’s important!”

Few will argue that ever since Al Gore used it in the opening sequences of his movie An  Inconvenient Truth, the Mann “hockey stick” chart, shown below, has served as the foundation  on which the anthropogenic warming arguments were built. As you can see, the chart shows no pre-industrial warming periods.  


Unfortunately for Mann, but fortunately for us, others have looked at the data and pointed out that he seems to have overlooked the Medieval Warm Period, whose peak was 1000 to 1300 AD. And the Roman Warm Period before that.

And many others, it seems, that you can see by clicking the link just below to view a slide presentation (you have to click on the chart on the page to load it). The presentation uses ice core data to put today’s warming into the perspective of many centuries. Here’s a sample from the presentation. You will note that the Medieval Warm Period does make an appearance… as do a number before then.


How could Mann have missed these data? He didn’t. He just chose to ignore them. Medieval Warm Period? Never happened. Roman Warm Period, sorry, not there. Or anything else, for that matter.

Fortunately, the light of truth has now been shone on Mann’s chart, and these omissions and other “tricks” have resulted in the chart being widely discredited.

Pass this along to your friends, show it to your kids, congressmen, or anyone else that might be convinced to speak out and try to stop this madness before it goes any further. Here’s the link to the presentation.

In a recent interview with Slate magazine, Al Gore was asked about the Climategate emails. Naturally, he dismissed the controversy out of hand, going on to say about the skeptics, ”[When] we see all these things happening on the Earth itself, what in the hell do they think is causing it?”

Given the context of the long-term ice core data, what warming there is can be credibly explained as a natural phenomenon.

But the hysteria around it, the apex of which must be the opening film for the Copenhagen Circus, belongs entirely at the feet of Gore and his grant-grubbing, rent-seeking cronies in the scientific and pseudo-scientific NGO community. And they are slavishly supported by the same envious rubes that believe pretty much any populist fiction that allows them to tear at the fabric of successful countries, businesses, and people – whipped into a frenzy by the media whores and made viable by politicians of all stripes looking either to scare the masses into awarding them more power and money, or fool the inter-government bodies into handing over the cash needed to pay the rent on their Swiss chalets and keep their Russian mistresses in caviar.

To all of those, my feelings are well summed up by the soldier on the battlements of the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when he says, “I fart in your general direction; I don’t want to talk to you no more.”


(As I went to press, our own Shannara Johnson sallied forth with an article from the Times Online reporting that one of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s top “green” advisors, Jonathon Porritt, is calling for Britain’s population to be slashed by some 30 million souls – a 50% reduction from the 61 million carbon dioxide-emitting folks now living in that country. Which makes one wonder, doesn’t Britain have a law against advocating for genocide, especially since it has laws addressing every other form of minutiae? Here’s a link to the article.)