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The Sun Remains Quiet

Extract from an email on the Climate Realists' Network:

Carbon scam in Europe

5:15AM Monday Oct 05, 2009
An international carbon credits scam worth more than £1 billion ($2.2 billion) is being investigated by detectives in at least five European countries.
The fraud, originally coordinated by gangs in Spain and Britain, involves the buying and selling of emission allowances across borders in order to avoid value added tax.
The disclosure of the scale of the illegal trade in carbon credits will cause further consternation for the Governments and environmental groups that set up the system to measure and limit emissions. It comes as the EU introduces rules to control the fraud.

Global Warming

 Believe "Global warming"? Better have a read.....

Australia's Opposition leader is destroying his party with his  'belief'.

Regarding the ETS. It should be thrown in the bin. Not negotiated. I am
an Australian computer scientist, specialising in computer models and
statistics, ex Australian Bureau of Statistics, founder and ex- chairman
of the QAUUG.... What is your comment on this revelation from one of the
chief climate scientists WITHIN the IPCC?
"Latif is one of the leading climate modellers in the world. He is the
recipient of several international climate-study prizes and a lead author
for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
He has contributed significantly to the IPCC's last two five-year reports
that have stated unequivocally that man-made greenhouse emissions are
causing the planet to warm dangerously.
Yet in Geneva, Latif was forced to admit that all those An-
Inconvenient-Truth-style fantasy projections showing global temperatures
rising inexorably with C02 levels were wrong.

Fear Factor

From the Telegraph, UK:

By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent
Published: 12:01AM BST 03 Oct 2009
The Met Office has warned that if the world continues to burn fossil
fuels at the current rate temperatures will rise above four degrees C
in the next fifty years.
This will cause sea level rise, droughts, floods and mass collapse of
However Clive Hamilton, Professor of public ethics at the Australian
National University, said the majority of the population is still in
denial about the risks of climate change.

The Cost of Carbon

Taranaki Daily News

Last updated 05:00 26/09/2009
OPINION: Taranaki has been high on the agenda in Parliament this week.

But the honourable members of the House were not talking about the region's wonderful collection of must-see attractions or John Key's failure to mention the energy pulse of the nation on the Letterman show.

Taranaki was the point of attack, the fulcrum of debate over the efficacy of National's Emissions Trading Scheme and how much of the burden of meeting our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol will be passed on to the consumers and taxpayers.

Government Funded Scientists

 Thursday October 1 2009 - 02:14pm

How can you trust government-funded scientists ?

Audits of the climate science are left to unpaid volunteers. A dedicated but largely uncoordinated grassroots movement of scientists has sprung up around the globe to test the integrity of the theory and compete with a well funded ($75 billion spent over 20years) highly organized climate monopoly.


Do Sunspots cause Global Warming?

September 25, 2009
In our last article on sunspots, we mentioned the strange period from 1645-1715 when sunspots seemed to disappear.  Called the Maunder Minimum, this period coincided with the "Little Ice Age", when Northern Europe and other parts of the world were plunged into a long period of cool summers and long winters when crop yields fell and rivers, harbors, and canals froze.

New Information causes Climate Scientist to concede: The Earth is Cooling

Recently some new information has become available which seriously questions the whole UN’s basis on climate change and its computer modelling work of future changes. The week before the latest UN’s world leaders conference there was another UN climate conference in Geneva where one of the UN’s own leading climate scientists and computer modellers, professor Mojib Latif from Germany’s Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Keil University stated that from recent research he has conducted he has had to conclude that global warning has ceased and also that the planet is currently cooling and will likely continue to do so for another 20 years.

An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change -by Clare Swinney

We discovered this article on ''- a fascinating site.

Are the one-world fascist government proponents distorting the facts regarding global warming to get countries, including ours, to pay a tax that they can then use to fund their non-elected bureaucracy – a bureaucracy that will have no significant impact on the climate?

This from the London Times, February 12th 2007
An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change
Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist, says the orthodoxy must be challenged.

Big Foot

Big Foot

Activities at the United Nations this week -- including Tuesday's climate change conference -- are generating a large carbon footprint from international travel, lengthy motorcades and clogged streets.


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