Big Foot

Big Foot

Activities at the United Nations this week -- including Tuesday's climate change conference -- are generating a large carbon footprint from international travel, lengthy motorcades and clogged streets.

The New York Times reports U.N. administrators are attempting to calculate the carbon dioxide produced by the delegates in order to buy carbon offsets: They estimate 461 tons of carbon dioxide, with air travel being the single largest component. However, that tally only includes emissions from one aide traveling with each world leader and not the dozens of staff who frequently make up each country's delegation.

One climate scientist points out that the value of carbon offsets -- a publicly traded commodity -- fell to 20 cents a metric ton late last week: Meaning 20 cents times 461 metric tons would equal spending $92 to offset their emissions.

— FOX News Channel's Lanna Brit contributed to this


Where is the $36 - $50 per tonne often quoted.  20c/ tonne !!?   Hey people must be starting to see how stupid this thing is surely?  I saw a couple of days ago the US (portrayed as the big ogre in carbon waste)  now produces less than China.  So why aren't China and India part of the mitigating countries?------    Pat O'Sullivan.